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President's Corner
September 15, 2020
Dear Nurses,

10 days and counting! Move forward with confidence in this age of digital connectedness and virtual learning! The National Nurses in Business Association is the premier nursing organization dedicated to nurse entrepreneurship, and we are excited to launch our National Annual Educational Conference!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business. In person meetings have been disrupted, and by pivoting to a virtual format, we can offer you the best program available for nurse entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Nationally acclaimed speakers, business leaders, and industry experts will provide affordable, massive-value content. Our keynote presentations by nurse superstars Dr. Renee Thompson, and Dr. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio are motivational, inspirational, and instructional. You do not want to miss Renee’s “From Risk to Reality: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey” and Laura’s “Grow Your Greatness: Nurse Entrepreneurs on Fire!”

We started by releasing the pre-conferences workshops yesterday! Registrants have access until October 15th. Here is a Quick View of the entire conference agenda We have made the virtual conference to follow the same format as our in-person event, except instead of only being able to attend 4 of the breakout sessions, you are getting all of them. Our Meet and Greets begin on September 25th, and  I created a YouTube overview here: that will walk you through the conference.

Articles of Interest
Customer testimonials are recommendations from satisfied buyers, and are powerful in communicating value. As our first article When Value Is In the Driver’s Seat Marketing Becomes Easy demonstrates.
Healthcare is big business, and this pandemic is having businesses rethinking the requirements of employees, as well as the technology necessary to deliver products and services to clients. How To Build a Mindset for Success helps you avoid the red flags when taking new courses. Many people remain is situations that stifle their progress because the familiar feels safe. How to Create Space for the Next Chapter gives a 3 step formula to remove what no longer serves you. 

Nurses receive business insider knowledge and hundreds of ideas to discover, reflect, and connect over current and emerging nurse owned businesses. You will have access to speaker consultations in round table sessions, and multiple networking opportunities to meet the speakers, and other business-minded nurses. There are 30 available contact hours and you will have 24-hour access until October 15,2020.

Be sure to check out the nurse business owner advertisements below with special discounts for NNBA members! 

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Articles of Interest
When Value Is In the Driver’s Seat Marketing is Easy
How to Build a  Mindset for Success 

Entrepreneur Magazine
How to Create Space for the Next Chapter

It is very easy for me to market and promote NNBA’s annual educational conference on entrepreneurship. Our organization’s core values are to serve, encourage, educate, empower and connect. As the president of the NNBA, I have the honor of speaking with so many nurses around the country, and hearing about their experiences and why at this point in their life, they are looking for a change. In Nurse’s Tug of War: Do I Stay or Do I Go?, I wrote about this desire for change. Having been a nurse entrepreneur for over twenty years, I have experienced first-hand the empowerment and fulfillment that comes with business ownership.

I have seen and heard how NNBA’s conference changes lives, so while it is easy for me to promote the conference’s value, with this post, I decided not to. Instead, I’ll post what the nurses that attended our conference have said about its value. Here are some comments nurses made from #NNBA2019:

“I want to thank you. I came to my first NNBA conference three years ago and it changed my life. The connections that I was put in touch with have been a part of my life and it only gets better each year. The nurses I’ve met have become like family and the business skills I have learned are benefiting all areas of my career.”
There’s a reskilling revolution happening. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has spurred the evolution of how business is done. Whether positioning a new brand or as an authority in the marketplace it’s critical to realize there is a new awareness of the skillsets required by both staff and clients.

Businesses large and small are rethinking the requirements of employees as well as the technology necessary to deliver products and services to clients. This awareness is driving entrepreneurs in the technology and training industries to position themselves to win by offering courses specific to those skills.

Businesses aren’t the only ones rethinking their futures. Given the significant disruption in the workforce and high unemployment rate related to COVID-19, individuals in the workforce are considering career changes as part of their post-pandemic plans. According to the Strada Education Network, of those individuals who have an interest in pursuing additional professional development and training, 64% say they will be looking to change careers, rather than get another job in the same field. This is a process known as “reskilling.”
You may have heard the saying before – it’s essential to create space for change to happen. This could be to attract different professional opportunities, draw the right partner into your life, welcome in new levels of health and fitness or to realize financial abundance. Our lives are filled with a set amount of time – literally each day. This means every minute we choose to invest in a specific activity or with a specific person is a moment we are spending from the days’ 24–hour time bank.

At the beginning of this year, I made a vow to myself. I committed to getting rid of certain tangible things, relationships and time investments that I felt were holding me back from forward progress. I found myself at the start of 2020 craving real change. But, being a creature of self-study, I knew that in order to see the changes I wanted realized, I needed to create space for them to happen. This would mean inevitably that I was going to have to dance with vulnerability.

Removing the things I needed meant eliminating many habits – habits that were familiar and provided a sense of comfort. In fact, studies have shown that removing habits is one reason why change is so difficult for so many people. It requires you to tango with vulnerability and the fear of the unknown. 
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