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President's Corner
November 1, 2021
Dear Nurses,

Have you ever thought about what nurses want, and why so many are choosing to have their careers coincide with entrepreneurship? I have the honor of speaking with many different nurses each week from all over the country, and I see five factors that are significant to nurses for their futures. They are autonomy, flexibility, passion, purpose, and legacy.
Many nurses simply desire to be their own boss. After working so many years for others, they discover a path to being their own boss. Nurses desire the flexibility to create their own schedule, the number of hours they work and the amount of time available for family and friends. Many are passionate about an aspect of healthcare that their current job or role will not allow them to fully express. Nurses know they can do better than is currently being done and it is their purpose to improve upon conventional approaches instead of 'it has always been done that way'. And nurses may be at a place in their career where they're looking at the legacy they will leave. Mentoring and continually contributing to healthcare and nursing feels essential.
No one anticipated that along with this pandemic would be the total upheaval and disruption of healthcare delivery systems and marketplaces. While challenging, we are inspired and motivated to create our future looking at the services, products, and programs that healthcare consumers need and we as nurses can provide. Be sure to check out NNBA’s member's doing just that below, plus opportunities and resources!

A few reminders:

  • The NNBA helps nurses succeed in business by providing a wealth of information on entrepreneurship, business development, and emerging opportunities for nurses. If you would like to contribute to nurses succeeding in business, here is the information and link for #NNBA2022 Call for Speakers: Please note the deadline is November 30th, 2021.
  • Save the Dates and stay tuned for future announcements on the NNBA 2022 Conference, back to in-person, July 21- 23, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada!
  • Be sure to check out NNBA’s member success strategies below, opportunities and resources!

Unconventionally yours,


NNBA Nurses in Business in Action!

The Journey of the Long Term Care Consultant Business Owner

Nena transforms critically staffed long-term care facilities to self-reliant organizations with high-performing teams. Through more than a decade of leadership, Nena has seen facility after facility hit with jeopardy level deficiencies and civil money penalties which were ultimately related to staffing instability. Believing there was a better way, she embarked on creating a formula to sustainably solve the staffing crisis problem. Nena has her Masters in Nursing Administration and is the Founder of Hart Healthcare Solution.

Listen to Nena podcast by clicking here.

Donna Cardillo (right) and Lucie Dickinson (left)

“Had the pleasure of meeting fellow author Lucie Dickinson and her daughter (also an author) last evening at an event to promote awareness for mental health. Lucie shared with me that after hearing me speak about my book Falling Together several years ago she was inspired to write her own book. This is why I do what I do and these are the moments I live for”

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