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President's Corner                                              June 1, 2017
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Friday’s Pre-Conferences! Launch Your Nursing Education Business - Nurse Blogging 101 - Elder Care Businesses – Business Basics Bootcamp – The Power of Podcasting
Donna Cardillo, Louise Jakubik, Brittney Wilson, Kati Kleber, Stella Nsong, Elizabeth Scala, Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross are providing nurses a rare opportunity; to learn insider know-how. These Nurse Entrepreneurs walk their talk in a BIG way and love to share their knowledge. Best yet, they are available all weekend for your questions and to network! ! Register now because space is limited. Book your rooms through NNBA’s negotiated discount rate with the Sirata Beach Resort and we will see you on the beach!
RTConnections is Hiring and Expanding!
Renee Thompson, CEO & President of RTConnections is seeking qualified instructors in the following certification review courses:
  • Medical Surgical Certification Review Course (High Demand)
  • Critical Care Certification Review Course
  • Emergency Nurse Certification Review Course
  • Post Anesthesia & Ambulatory Perianesthesia Certification Review Course
  • Progressive Care Certification Review Course
  • Certified Neuroscience Certification Review Course
  • Orthopaedic Nursing Certification Review Course
If you are interested please fill in the application and send to
Honored to be one of 30 Nursing Leaders Interviewed
I really enjoyed reading all the Nurse Leaders' Career Advice for Nurses especially, one of the pieces of advice from Clareen Wiencek, PhD, RN, ACHPN, ACNP, President -American Association of Critical-Care Nurses "Be an active member of a community of exceptional nurses. Join your professional association; engage in the local chapter, network and have fun. It will change your life plus someone will always have your back!"  The NNBA is the #1 Nurse Business Owner Network and our conference does change lives! Read the entire article here or below in the articles of interest.
Speaking of an Online Presence
Check out Web Presence Page on Elais Ponton, BSN, RN.This is an example of a FREE Web Page for members of the NNBA. If you are a business owner, this increases your SEO and if you don’t have a website yet, this is a way for people to find you. Just fill out the Web Presence Application form and within 3-5 business days, your webpage will be up!
Conference Champions for #NNBA2017
If you are planning to register or have already registered for #NNBA2017 and you are interested in helping out during the conference please reply to this email and let me know! Thank you!

This past week I had an experience that highlights the benefits of social media and having so many nurses following the NNBA Facebook page. I received a phone call from a gentleman that told me he was looking for nursing services for his wife during an upcoming trip. He didn’t know where to turn and then found the National Nurses in Business Association and called. After a wonderful conversation I told him I would use my social media channels and put the information out there. The response was amazing; thank you! The client sent me a follow-up email thanking me for getting involved and using my social network. This family now can go on a trip and have lifetime memories. By the way their trip is planned for the Fourth of July…perfect timing to highlight an independent nurse that will be with them on their trip!

Stella Nsong has built successful businesses and now is excited helping other nurses to do the same and help solve the growing elderly healthcare dilemma in the country. Read more about Stella (she was featured in Soar to Success Magazine) in the second Article of interest below. And remember Stella will be presenting an in-depth preconference on Community Based Elder Care on September 8th at

NNBA Members save $100 on the Main Conference and $50 on each Pre-conference!
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Nurse Business Insider Tip         by Michelle Podlesni
Where Nurses in Business will share an insider tip that may benefit other nurses in different stages of business development.
Florence Nightingale Knew Her Numbers! (Be sure to check out the Article of Interest below)
Do you know your numbers? Key performance Indicators? Gross Sales Revenue? Net Sales Revenue? Operating Profit? Cost per Unit Sold?

Florence Nightingale knew her numbers and as a result was able to graphically display statistics to persuade people for the dire need for improved sanitary conditions for England’s soldiers. Persuasive infographics are important but only if you have the info. What data do you store that lets you know what your cost of business is? When taking on a new service, have you done a cost/benefit analysis? When you invest in a program or product have you determined what your Return on Investment (ROI) would be?

Keeping business statistics, analyzing them and determining productive goals will provide nurses business owners the security in knowing future goals are attainable and ultimately profitable, and will allow you to move forward as Florence did, to help more people! 

Ready to grow and expand your business? Attend our annual educational conference on Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives
Articles of Interest
Best Nursing Career Advice From Leaders in the Industry

Creating a Better Elderly Healthcare System in America

Soar to Success
Florence Nightingale’s Infographics Were Better Than Most Today

Atlas Obscura
Ask a nurse you admire how they got to where they are and more often than not, they'll point to a mentor or preceptor who helped them along the way.

Advice from someone who has overcome the challenges that go along with being a nurse can be invaluable in helping you succeed.

We asked 30 influential nurse leaders to share some of their best career advice for our readers. Here's what they said.
Stella Nsong has “Soared to Success” as a columnist, mentor, consultant, speaker and trainer. She developed a nursing and healthcare service from scratch to help aging adults receive the expert care they need, plus her company provides opportunities for nurses looking to build their own businesses. She also writes, consults and speaks extensively in the healthcare industry.
The famed nurse was also an early practitioner of marshaling statistics to advance social causes.

WHEN SOMEONE MENTIONS FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE, who was born this week in 1820, one particular image likely comes to mind: A caring presence, head covered by a shawl, holding a lamp as she ministers to patients in the dark. The “Lady with the Lamp,” as she was known, still serves as a symbol for nurses everywhere.

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