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President's Corner                                              May 15, 2017
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Freedom, Flexibility and Control of Our Finances
“Starting my own business with the hours that best suit me and providing a better way”, are the comments I most often hear from nurses interested in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is empowering  nurses desire to provide a wide variety of needed services, products and programs. Thousands of nurse entrepreneurs nationwide have already accomplished this by starting their own business and are enjoying independence, professional respect and increased financial rewards. Discover and register today!

Blogging 101: Growing a Profitable Business and Community
Having an online presence is vital to the success of any business in 2017. However, many nurse entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the thought of owning and maintaining a website, blog, and social media platforms. A blog is one of the easiest ways to build a search engine optimized business presence. Your blog will become an online showplace that will allow you to gain targeted clients as well as maintain control of your personal and business brand online. Recognized experts and social media influencers, Brittney Wilson, The Nerdy Nurse and Kati Kleber, Fresh RN are presenting a five-hour pre-conference that will give you the tools you need to: identify your purpose and brand, start and grow a blog, leverage social media, create and market quality content, and discuss practical considerations as well. Only at NNBA Members save $100 on the Conference, $50 on Preconference!

Speaking of an Online Presence, Don’t forget if you are an NNBA Member you can have a FREE Web Page. If you are a business owner, this increases your SEO and if you don’t have a website yet, this is a perfect way for people to find you. Just fill out the Web Presence Application form and within 3-5 business days, your webpage will be up!
LeAnn Thieman is Saturday’s Keynote Address!
100 little babies laying three and four to a cardboard box strapped in the belly of a gutted cargo jet. It was 1975, Saigon was falling to the Communists and LeAnn was accidentally caught up in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift. That 10 day adventure changed her life and her career.

After 20 years of being a full-time mom, wife, and nurse she embarked on another journey, leading her to be a New York Times best-selling author and Hall Fame Speaker. In this inspirational and instructional session LeAnn will share with you proven strategies and 10 specific implementable tools to bring your speaking and writing goals to fruition.

Opportunities to Advertise, Exhibit or Sponsor with #NNBA2017
Learn what opportunities are for advertising, exhibiting and sponsorships of your business during the conference and in our conference program.  Please click here to check them out.
One of the many things I love about the nursing profession is the ability to redesign our nursing career to fit our current lifestyle: Graduate Nurse, Mommy or Daddy Track Nurse, Encore Career Nurse, Part Time or Full Time Nurse. I explained how to achieve this design in my book Unconventional Nurse: Going from Burnout to Bliss! in the section Lifestyle Leads Work Style Plan. If you would like help implementing changes then get in touch with me by just replying to this newsletter and we will schedule a conversation. Because as #7 in the article below on the 8 Tips for Building your Business Support Network outlines, the key is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can offer advice, share opportunities and listen to your big ideas. Do you have what it takes to innovate? Find out by reading What It Takes to Innovate. And finally, I believe we all need to lead to succeed, lead our careers in the direction they need to go and being a positive influence in leading others. The 7 Personality Traits of a Great Leader lets us know that leadership skills can be adopted to the benefit of our work, our homes and our community.
Unconventionally yours,

Nurse Business Insider Tip         by Michelle Podlesni
Where Nurses in Business will share an insider tip that may benefit other nurses in different stages of business development.
It is best to start a new business because you find an unmet need in the marketplace and you have a competitive advantage that matches your experience rather than trying to come up with an idea that will revolutionize the marketplace. Nurses make great entrepreneurs because they are great problem solvers. Solving a problem, effectively, efficiently and profitably is the best business!

Ready to grow and expand your business? Attend our annual educational conference on Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives
Articles of Interest
8 Tips for Building Your Business Support Network
Small Business Association
What it takes to innovate 

Success Magazine
Rohn: 7 Personality Traits of a Great Leader

Whether you are just branching out or gearing up for your umpteenth year in business, it never hurts to have a supportive network around you. Owning a business can not only be stressful but lonely. Not every family member or friend will understand or emphasize with your entrepreneurial journey. The key is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can offer advice, share opportunities and listen to your big ideas. Go beyond your typical inner circle and broaden your network of support.
Take any great idea and you can find no shortage of people who think they had it first. And it's quite possible they did. History is full of examples of nearly simultaneous discovery. David Hilbert discovered general relativity at about the same time Einstein did. Alexander Graham Bell only narrowly beat Elisha Gray to the patent office.

Yet the debate over who had an idea first is often beside the point. The truth is that innovation is never a single event. So a moment of epiphany matters far less than the work that comes after, which is often as uncertain as it is thankless.
If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a person of quality yourself. Leadership is the ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills and opportunities you offer as an owner, as a manager, as a parent. Jim Rohn calls leadership the great challenge of life.

What’s important in leadership is refining your skills. All great leaders keep working on themselves until they become effective. Here’s how:

1. Learn to be strong but not impolite. 
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