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Presidents Corner           February 1, 2016

Only two weeks before the February 15th deadline for NNBA’s Call for Speakers! If you are interested you can submit your proposal here. We have received a good number of proposals already and I look forward to announcing our speakers for #NNBA2016 (our Twitter Hashtag). Dedicated to Nurse Entrepreneurship since 1985 the NNBA has led the way and provides an amazing conference where nurses have opportunities to learn, be inspired, empowered and connect with like-minded nurses from all over the country. Novice and veteran business owners’ alike rave about the high value of this signature event. Mark your calendars to save the dates for October 14-16, 2016.
NNBA has a unique opportunity for Nurses that currently own or have owned a staffing agency. If you would like to find out more, just reply to this newsletter and I will contact you!
We nurses! Nurses that join the NNBA in the month of February will receive the best seller Unconventional Nurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss! The 10 Steps That Will Advance or Re-invent Your Nursing Career. This is absolutely FREE and the NNBA will take care of the shipping and handling costs. NNBA membership saves you $100 on our conference in Las Vegas as well as (many benefits here). Protect your career longevity and learn about additional opportunities to use your valuable knowledge and expertise in today’s healthcare environment.
Meet Shanina “Nina” Knighton BA, BSN, PhD Candidate in this issue’s Member Spotlight and read why you’ll be seeing her with the 2016 NNBA Shark Tank Competition!  And our Featured Expert, Dr. Cynthia Howard, shares with nurses the secret of what makes you happy and loving what you do. Better still, Cynthia is offering a complimentary session that nurses will find empowering. You will enjoy reading her article “Why Following Your Passion is Bad Advice and What You Should do Instead!”.
I love to share exciting news with Nurses! RTConnections and NurseBuilders have developed a wonderful program for nurses that want to renew their career and relax on a fabulous cruise. Check out their advertisement below and Bon Voyage!
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Articles of Interest
10 Mistakes Smart People Never Make Twice

7 Thoughts on Great Leadership

Becker’s Hospital Review
Why Following Your Passion is Bad Advice and What You Should Do Instead!

Featured Expert - Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD
Everybody makes mistakes -- that's a given -- but not everyone learns from them. Some people make the same mistakes over and over again, fail to make any real progress, and can't figure out why.

"Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them."
--Bruce Lee

When we make mistakes, it can be hard to admit to because doing so feels like an attack on our self-worth. This tendency poses a huge problem because new research proves something that commonsense has told us for a very long time -- fully acknowledging and embracing errors is the only way to avoid repeating them.

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This article briefly discusses seven different thoughts on what makes a great leader. We find the questions, 'What makes a great leader?' and 'What does great leadership mean in practice?' to be really interesting.

We have seen, for example, the following types of people as leaders (1) people that appear to have been born to lead and then excel as leaders, (2) people anointed as leaders or future leaders who had big personalities, a certain look and/or great "charisma" disappoint completely as leaders, (3) hard-working, organized people without big personalities who organizations may not have expected to be top leaders...

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“Do what you love and the money will follow,” was the advice I received at a well-known motivational seminar many years ago when I was setting up my first consulting business. I had heard this many times along with other clichés like, “Follow your passion (or bliss).” I had read the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell and enjoyed the metaphor of the hero representing an individual’s challenge in reaching their full potential.

Having been laid off from my job as Clinical Specialist, when hospitals first went through restructuring during the nineties, and all mid-level...

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NNBA Members Spotlight
[From Interview with Michelle Podlesni]
Shanina “Nina” Knighton BA, BSN, PhD Candidate 
Products: Patient Smart Hand Sanitizer and 
Electronic Medication Collection System

I just had a wonderful conversation with Nina who is currently a PhD candidate at Case Western. I am always interested in hearing about someone’s decision to become a nurse, their current work, and what led them to become part of the NNBA community. Originally obtaining her BA in Sports Medicine, it wasn’t until Nina was a patient herself that she found herself inspired by the nurse and the student nurse that cared for her during her obstetrical stay. Nina went home with more than a new bundle of joy, she also went home with the desire to become a nurse. Upon finishing a Diploma program, Nina began her nursing journey. She worked as a surgical care nurse and again inspiration struck when seeing two of her loved ones in hospice care and some of the challenges they faced during their stay. Seeing their distress fueled her passion to find solutions that resulted in her first product, The Patient-Smart Hand Sanitation Dispenser, being developed.

Ultimately, Nina left bedside nursing in July 2015, and was selected for a National Veteran Affairs Quality Scholars Fellowship. She currently facilitates training and coaching medical residents and nurse practitioners on quality initiatives and the process of implementing them throughout the health care system. Nina is clear about what she wants to accomplish in the future and being a nurse entrepreneur is part of that picture. She has offered to help nurses interested in learning how to pitch their products to entrepreneur groups and investors and you can be sure that Nina will be involved in #NNBA2016 Shark Tank Competition!

“I’ve joined a couple of different nursing associations and they have their strong points but it wasn’t until I learned about the National Nurses in Business Association through searching about Nurse Entrepreneurship, that I felt I found the right place for me. I’ve placed the October conference on my calendar and I look forward to learning and networking with other Nurse Entrepreneurs!”

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