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President's Corner

The New Year is here and I am excited to announce the “Call for Speakers” go out to NNBA’s Members for the 30th Annual Nurse Entrepreneurship Conference. There are many highlights planned in recognition of this milestone event. We will be celebrating in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2 - 4, 2015. Get the details here to submit a proposal All proposals must be received no later than February 13th. Thank you in advance and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

The first two weeks in January have been busier than usual speaking on the phone with several NNBA members. Lots of catching up, answering some questions and connecting nurses that have a business needs that the other nurse members are able to meet. That is why it is so important that you have your account profile filled out in the members directory. You never know where referrals may come from to speak, teach, partner or receive an opportunity to provide your service. One of the recurring questions that our members have asked is explained in the NNBA Success Tip below. This one has to do with “Can I make money with my business?”.

Is your New Year already in overdrive? Are you one of the people that make New Year’s resolutions or not? I’ve read that it isn’t the achievement of the goal that brings us happiness but that it is the knowledge that we are making progress in improving our lives. I am so honored being a nurse in business and sharing this journey with you. Together, we are moving forward, learning new things and taking ourselves to the next level!

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Articles of Interest

Market Feasibility | NNBA Success Tip 
In the past two weeks, three different NNBA members have asked “Can I make money with my business?”. I’m thinking that if there are nurses calling, then it signifies more out there that would like information on this topic. I wrote a blog post on it awhile back that I’ll share with you below; however I didn’t go far enough. I want to add a few questions that you can ask specifically. Preferably before you start your business; however, I have started one and still found it effective to course correct with these questions:
  1. Is there a market for my products/services?
  2. How large is that market; does it have enough buyers that will support my desired income level?
  3. Is it possible to reach this market with conventional advertising and promotional methods?
  4. Have I priced my products or services in a profitable way?
See full blog post here

7 Best Peak-Performance Must Dos For Business and For Life | Forbes
“What did you do!” I yelled at my accounts manager. He was lying down tanning on the terracotta gravel roof of our building, oiled up with darkened Hawaiian Tropic, blasting ACDC out of a giant silver boombox. I was on the phone with the WWE about a televised national wrestling match. He’d arranged for us to promote it in our town for $100,000—without telling me. They were calling me to wire the money. I pushed back and the WWE put me on hold to get their angry president, and I heard a loud pay per view replay of Hulk Hogan getting pummelled. My emotions and heart rate felt like I was the one getting slammed.

    9 Habits That Lead To Terrible Decision Making |
    Business Insider
    Pizza or salad?
    Buy or sell?
    Expand or cut back?
    Our choices define us. And for those running countries or companies, routine decisions can have dramatic effects on people's lives. So how can we ensure we're making the best possible choices for ourselves and the people we influence?
    The folks at leadership development consultancy Zenger/Folkman decided to study how people make decisions. Using feedback from 50,000 leaders and a statistical analysis, they uncovered the habits that lead to terrible decision-making. They are illustrated in the below graphic.  Read More
    Living your best life...
    NNBA Members Spotlight
    Cynthia Bautista PhD, RN, CNRN
    Nursing Brains, LLC.

    Nursing Brains LLC is dedicated to provide continuing education in neuroscience nursing, offering lectures and seminars on various neuroscience topics year around. “Nursing Brains” works with Hospitals, Universities, Nursing Organizations and Nursing Educational Companies to achieve and maintain the highest level of proficiency. Educational sessions are personalized to meet your needs. Participants comments include “ Kept my interest” “Excellent speaker” “Entertaining” and “Energetic”.

    Cynthia Bautista is a graduate of Salem State College, Louisiana State University Medical Center and University of Rhode Island Schools of Nursing. She has established a reputation for presenting quality programs. Her dynamic teaching style and sense of humor makes her a popular speaker at various programs. In efforts to keep her programs clinically relevant, Cindy continues to practice as a Neuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist at Yale-New Haven
    Hospital in New Haven, CT.

    You can learn more about Cynthia and her seminars at and

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