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President's Corner

Unlimited Opportunities for Nurses
There are unlimited opportunities for nurses to expand our profession through entrepreneurship. 17 days and counting to this year’s conference! One idea, one contact or both can boost your business and change your life. Check out the agenda and details on the conference by clicking here. There is something for everyone at this year's conference. Learn specific information on starting, growing and owning businesses. Existing nurse business owners will learn strategies and skills to take their business to the next level. Everyone will have plenty of time to network and make great connections!

Hotel Reservation Reminder!
Book your room reservations by September 18th to receive the special NNBA Group discount rate of $114.00. Group name is National Nurses in Business Association or the three character code, NNB. Embassy Suites, Lake Buena Vista South Orlando, Florida. 4955 Kyngs Heath Road, Kissammee, Florida 34746 / (407) 597-4000.

What You Should Know Before Having a Website
There is so much confusion over creating websites so I asked NNBA’s website service team for help with this week’s Success Tip. Working with programmers can be fun and not frustrating, can be simple and not complicated. We will have technology based Success Tips in the future as technology become more prevalent in your nurse based businesses.

I appreciate the positive feedback I've received on the newsletter. Please share it with the nurses you know that you think would enjoy the articles. See you soon in Orlando!

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Lighten Up...
“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
I wake up. I take a look outside.
I take a breath in and just appreciate where this dream has taken me.
I want to be a ninja.
Yeah, it sounds a little strange.
Probably even weirder when I tell you I have a Master’s degree in education, am a former teacher, and I’m about to turn 30. 
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Articles of Interest

4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Website | NNBA Success Tip

If you already have a website up and running, you’ve already gone through this, but if you’re thinking about launching a website for the first time, you will need to understand the following:

1) Choose your domain name
This requires thought on your part and is up to you to decide – don’t rush it. Your domain name should reflect what your website is about and could be your business name, your product or service name, even your own name.  Read more

7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People | Fast Company

It has increasingly become accepted that emotional intelligence is an important factor in our success and happiness, not only at work, but in our relationships and all areas of our lives.

So what sets emotionally intelligent people apart? Here are seven habits that people with high EI have:  
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You Have Two Options, Dance or Drown | Success

A few years ago, I spent four wonderful days in Kona, Hawaii, where I had the pleasure of speaking to a well-known financial group. My job was to give them the tools they needed to embrace the changes and intense growth they were then experiencing and would inevitably continue to experience in the coming years.  . I knew tensions were high, but I was prepared. And this is why: The morning before my speech, I was having breakfast, and as the waitress was pouring my coffee, I asked about what I’d observed on the Big Island: “Why is it that no matter where they are, or what they are doing, Hawaiians always seem to be happy and at peace with themselves? What’s the secret?”  
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How to Increase Your Impact While Reducing Your Effort | Kelly Studer

I can’t help but shake my head when people say, “You have to work hard if you want to be successful.”

Really? The most successful people I know are doing something that most others are not -- and it’s not putting in the longest hours at the office. These top performers know what their natural talents are and use them as much as possible in their daily work. 
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7 Great Pieces of Career Advice No One Ever Told You | Inc.

Career advice is in no short supply. In fact, you could probably spend the duration of your working life simply reading through the tips and advice already online. But as in all areas of life, the more common something is, generally speaking, the lower its value.

Many oft repeated truisms are more about wish fulfillment than reality (sorry peddlers of endless, uncritical "follow your passion!" posts). Plus, tips that everyone and their mother (and their college career counselor) knows are unlikely to give you an edge over the competition. So what are the true hidden gems of career advice, the truths that few people are willing to say out loud that can actually transform a mediocre career into a rockstar one?  Read more

Living your best life...
NNBA Members Spotlight
Capra Dalton
RN, President & CEO

Capra Dalton is the President & CEO of Pedagogy Online Learning Systems. Pedagogy is more than just an online classroom, it is an online education experience! Pedagogy has created industry focused web sites creating our virtual Campuses. Each Campus provides incredible resources for education, social media platforms (FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn), career placement assistance and tools to stay current in today's challenging workforce.

Each Campus is focused on particular topics; Infusion, Acute Care, Long Term Care and Home Health Care, and Inservice and Compliance Education. Each Campus provides accredited online continuing education courses, health care resources, career services and job postings, and a student union area that combines all social media platforms, news, and blogs. Visit the Student Union to see all that it offers. 

Each Campus maintains high quality education standards, world-class authors, bundled education courses and membership plans. Not sure which campus is for you? No problem, pick one to be your home Campus and have access to the entire Pedagogy Campus network!

Capra Dalton RN has more than 24 years experience in infusion therapy and the instruction of licensed nurses in infusion therapy continuing education. Her experience comes from multiple infusion settings: acute care, ambulatory infusion centers, home infusion, Long Term Care continuing education provider and Quality Assurance Consultant.

For more information on Capra and Pedagogy Online, visit

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