Subject: NGLA Day of Giving is tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our $20 for 20 Day of Giving for our 20th birthday. All gifts received on our Day of Giving will help support educational initiatives and programs of the Association and increase the number of scholarships and Innovation Grants that we can award each year. With your generosity, we can help more students like Jessica.
Speakers at NGLA were not afraid to address sensitive and controversial topics that are applicable to the Greek experience. I will definitely be looking into bringing these speakers to my own campus so that more of my peers can hear their messages as well.
- Jessica Jue, Carnegie Mellon University, alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi). Scholarship sponsored by Rho Lambda.
Whether you pledge to be a Values Aligner, Mission Advancer, join the Compass Circle or the 20th Anniversary Club, no gift is too small. Every dollar raised will be used to advance our mission and help increase access to our programs.
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