Subject: NGLA Announces THE SOCIAL EXCELLENCE SERIES in Partnership with Phired Up

NGLA Announces THE SOCIAL EXCELLENCE SERIES, in Partnership with Phired Up: A Premium Educational Experience to Prepare Fraternity/Sorority Students and Professionals with Networking and Human Connection Skills for a Modern World
The Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) will host
The Social Excellence Series on February 23-24, 2021 in partnership with Phired Up as part of the NGLA Virtual Conference. The virtual event, scheduled for four hours over two days, will provide fraternity/sorority members, advisors, and professionals an exclusive, intensive, and experiential educational opportunity to become the world's best connectors, relationship-builders, influencers, and group gatherers. Participants will gain valuable professional development, personal development, and organizational leadership skills taught through the lens of Social Excellence.
This program is free to anyone registered for the 2021 NGLA Virtual Conference. To learn more about participating, visit The Social Excellence Series webpage.
Kevin Pons, Executive Director of NGLA, says, “We are so fortunate to partner with Phired Up to offer The Social Excellence Series exclusively at the NGLA Virtual Conference. Now more than ever, it's important for us to engage in conversations about what showing up and being present means. We look forward to this one-of-a-kind program that will have a long-term impact on participants by preparing them to be the social leaders of tomorrow.”
“NGLA has evolved into a conference that elevates fraternity/sorority members to prepare them for meaningful societal impact,” said Matt Mattson, Phired Up’s President and co-Founder. “We’re so proud to partner with NGLA in this innovative way to add another dimension of value and experience to the NGLA Virtual Conference.”
Social Excellence, the philosophy upon which this event is based, prepares individuals to build meaningful connections with others so that they can organize, influence, and make the world a better place. The philosophy has been taught by Phired Up for years within the fraternity/sorority industry, as well as to corporate audiences, nonprofit organizations, associations, and other cause-based groups. Two TEDx talks have featured the message, a book has been written about it, a podcast features the concept, and hundreds of campuses and conferences have featured a taste of the concept in their educational programming and keynote addresses. Now, this program provides an experiential four-hour deep dive into Social Excellence as a framework for professional development, personal improvement, and organizational growth.
Mattson continued, “A lot of people assume Social Excellence is just social skills, or it’s just for extroverts, or that ‹excellence› is determined by some outside judge. The truth is, this concept is for helping anyone make the momentary choices in their life to build meaningful and authentic connections so that they can change the world. It’s a lifestyle of social leadership. And truthfully, it was born from the values of sororities and fraternities and what our founders have asked from us when they asked us to take our organizations’ oaths.”
To participate in
The Social Excellence Series, register for the 2021 NGLA Virtual Conference.
About Phired Up: Phired Up helps fraternities and sororities grow. The company’s products, services, and brands are creating the future of fraternities and sororities by transforming the way people join. The company delivers relationship-focused, data-driven, results-producing TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION, and STRATEGY solutions for every aspect of the pre-member experience from first-impression through initiation.
About NGLA: NGLA is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization of dedicated volunteers working to develop and educate students and professionals in the Northeast. We provide educational experiences and programming with the ultimate goal of helping the fraternal community align actions with values. We promote learning, community building, values-based leadership, and overall well-being.
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NGLA educates leaders from a variety of fraternal experiences to transform and empower their community and align actions with values.
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