To all ICV's of Texas

January 7th, 2010 at 7:07 pm CST
Independent Conservative Voters


Dear Independent Conservative Voter,

In Texas the filings are made, and the Secretary of State is sorting out paperwork.  We'll soon have all the names of the Republicans and Democrats, alone with third parties and Independents.  We know that the Constitution Party will be running six candidates on the state level in Texas.

We also know that Debra Medina stubbornly refused to consider running as an Independent, so she will in all likelihood be buried by Perry and Hutchison in the GOP primary.  Those who vote in the GOP (Group of Prostitutes) primary may still do her some good, but we'll be the most surprised if she's not buried by the "hair spray" candidates, Hutchison and Perry.

And now we'll begin our process for 2010 in Texas, looking at the field of all candidates and making our recommendations.  Here are some things for you to know:
  • We can get the list of candidates at the state level from the Secretary of State, but we know nothing about them until you tell us.  We can't evaluate, good OR bad, without your help.  If you know anything about any candidate that you think demands attention, and a reason to vote for them, or against them, you will help others by sharing your reasons with us.
  • If you already have built your team of six to ten voters, and have them understanding that you'll be making recommendations for them, then that's great.  That means it's time for you to multiply your influence by helping every person in your team multiply their influence by recruiting six to ten voters.  This doesn't take long, if you're motivated.  (And what motivates a concerned citizen more than showing them how they can cast 100 votes for a given candidate, legally, in the next election?)
You can make sure your influence is spreading by getting six to ten people to go to and sign up for updates.

The second thing you can do is to order some bumper stickers like the one below.  Donations of $3.50 or more will get you a bumper sticker, but you will help the cause immensely if you will order ten or more bumper stickers, and then get them on the cars of friends, the sooner the quicker. 

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