ICV News 7 Dec. 2009

December 7th, 2009 at 10:49 am CST
Independent Conservative Voters


From a bunker, somewhere


Two cautions:

1.  Don't be discouraged by small numbers.  Beginning in 1674, a Chinese resistance movement against the Manchu dynasty developed using Triads.  That system has been successfully used for many years to resist tyranny and oppression in China.  It was used against the Japanese and against the Communists.  Starting with a cell of three people, each recruited two more, who each recruited two more, who each recruited two more, etc.  Talk about keeping your team manageable.  Each person was in one triad, that he was invited to join, and then was allowed to create only one more.  Each of his two recruits were allowed to recruit two more people, and only two!  It's a fascinating study for those who want to use this approach for survival or for political influence.

2.  Don't allow high numbers in small teams.  No squad can have more than six guys, and no platoon more than 15.  A 30 man team is cancerous!!!  It MUST divide into three (or six) groups immediately!  Anyone who wants to do more needs to grasp the concept that he can only work with so many people, but that each person he recruits can also work with so many people, etc.  SO... easier to work with six to ten men who will work with six to ten more, than to try to work with 100 men and expect any quality in any of those contacts.  Work for quality - and then for depth!  Forget width -- the impact is in depth.


Q:  How do I build a team of Independent Voters?

A:  By asking them to join!  Tell them you've been invited to participate in a group that is dedicated to taking power back, from the socialist political parties, returning it to the People, and then aiming that power at the restoration of the U.S. Constitution.  It involves "breaking the mold" and creating our own INDEPENDENT blocs of voters.  If they grasp the concept, they're ready for education.  If they don't, don't waste your time.  You can only handle a maximum of ten anyway.

Q:  When you recruit someone, what is the first thing to ask them to do?

A:  That's an easy one!  Ask them to go to www.IndependentConservativeVoters.com/ and start reading.  While they are there, sign up for Continuing Education Updates.


Steve in San Antonio says you might be encouraged by this Rasmussen Report, which says that voters today would favor a Tea Party candidate over the GOP!!! See it here: Rasmussen Reports