There is one solution to this financial mess, and the Constitution Party has it

June 28th, 2009 at 7:24 am CST
Independent Conservative Voters

There is one solution to this financial mess,
and the Constitution Party has it.

You can thank the Republicans for this financial mess today.  The Democrats did not do this by themselves.

Have you noticed that over the past half a century, the Republicans have come to accept the Democratic Party's mantra that deficit spending is acceptable, and that it can go on forever?  (Don't look at their platform, look at their voting records.)  This very week, Obama's "Cap and Trade" power grab was barely passed with just enough Republican votes to make it happen, while all the rest got to cry, "Foul!", in what was portrayed to us as a narrow, losing battle.  It wasn't.  It was as real as professional wrestling, only it wasn't so clean.

Both Ruling Parties have bought the lie, and promoted it, that, "the Federal Government is too big to go broke."  Guess what!  They were wrong.  They are wrong.  And it is this coalition of socialists, pretending to be involved in a grand political debate, who have brought this nation to its knees.  Their "debate" was not over the issue of whether we should be in debt, but rather:
  • which constituency was going to get the loot, the benefits of Our Brand of socialist spending; and more importantly,
  • who was going to control that redistribution of the wealth.
The People are the losers in this game.  Both parties have engaged in the classic Marxist/Hegelian trick of controlling the terms of the debate, so that it looked like a debate, when in reality, both have worked for over half a century to turn this nation into a socialist nation -- and they have succeeded.  While the nation will continue to exist, the light of Liberty is going out, before our very eyes.  We live in interesting times.  Worse yet, we have been sold down the river, and to think we actually voted for the tyrants who have sold us to our new masters.

The Financial Solution

How do we balance the budget?  Forget the "Fair Tax" and forget the "Flat Tax".  Both are unworkable.  Forget the National Sales Tax.  It's a direct tax upon the People, and it just happens to be forbidden by the Constitution.

First of all, let's remember that there are TWO ways to balance a budget. 
  • One is to find more money.  (Or credit -- these fools thought it was the same thing!  They still do!) 
  • The other is to reduce spending.  Oho!  Now THAT is big news to our elected representatives of both parties! 
Howard Phillips has said it often -- "I can balance the Federal Budget by noon on the first day of my administration, then go to lunch.  When we strike out of the budget all items that are not constitutional, the budget balances.  And then you don't need a Marxist tax on income." 

Imagine that.  (Yes, I know.  Imagine riots in the streets when welfare is ended.)

The Constitution Party's solution to the unbalanced budget and all deficit spending is pure brilliance.  That is to simply invoice the States for the shortfall every year.  We didn't make this up -- it was the concept of the Founding Fathers.  IF the Congress, sent by both the States and the People, to represent each, had mandated that certain expenditures be made, then the States, and the People respectively, could and would jolly well pay for them.  Within the coming fiscal year.  Failure to do so would place that State in default   Should a State default on its share of the national debt, then it would be banned from receiving any Federal monies at all, period, in any form.  (That would include welfare.  You want your welfare?  Flee to a State that's not in default.)

People immediately counter with, "But, but, but... how would you pay for (my favorite federally subsidized program)???"  Answer:  "That would be up to your State Legislature, which would extract the money from YOU!"  This reaction is not merely akin to, it is identical to the reaction of the alcoholic or drug addict who is informed that the supply of money has ended, and he will have to do without his favorite joy juice.  America is so drunk/drugged on unconstitutional subsidies, that we have completely given up our status as a free people, and the now visible chains of control over every aspect of our society by Washington, D.C., is nothing less than the inevitable result of having become a dependent society.  (It may also be argued that this is the direct result of allowing addicts to vote!  They tend to ignore constitutional principles in favor of programs that feed their addiction, whether that means a monthly welfare cheque or tuba lessons for Junior.  One should not allow the inmates to elect the administrators of the asylum.)

Keep voting for "the lesser of two evils", if evil is your preference.  You keep believing the lie that it's better to indulge in easy fixes instead of biting the bullet, going through withdrawal, and becoming fiscally responsible once again -- you do that and you are consigned to poverty, to addiction, and to bondage.

America is losing its freedoms wholesale, for the simple reason that we cannot shake the addiction of deficit spending.  We don't have the will to break the addiction, hence we are all hooked -- and worse yet, our children are hocked to make it happen.  We've sold their Liberty that we might enjoy the indulgences of spending money we did not have for things we badly wanted, but did not necessarily need. 

The Political Solution

Americans MAY actually have a choice, next year, in 2010, if it's not already too late.  But I doubt we have the political will to exercise that choice.  Let me define it for you in starkest and most desperate terms -- throw out of Congress EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT!  Yes, all of them.  Re-elect no one!  Or accept your financial and political bondage, and quit your whining.

Yes, this solution means throwing out the dozen or so "good congressmen" (which really does sound like an oxymoron).  A small price to pay.  Replacing the existing Lords of the Land -- 435 Representatives and 100 Senators -- is the only alternative we have to either slavery or a bloody war of revolution.  We're down to it -- no more time for the political games over which brainless politician has the best hair-do.  Most of them are idiots.  At the very least, we need fresh idiots.

I'm serious.  If you simply take the first 535 taxi drivers who pass a certain corner in Washington, D.C., you could not do worse that what you have now.  In fact, you would find some incredible common sense in that new batch of temporary royalty, just before throwing all of them out at the next election as well!

Because of the nature of the emergency, this may mean replacing all Democrats with Republicans, and all Republicans with Democrats.  That, in and of itself, would address the problem, but not the solution.  The solution is to elect third-party candidates -- to turn our back on the two parties most responsible for this economic melt-down.  The solution entails electing Constitution Party candidates, Libertarian Candidates, Independent Candidates, and yes, even Green Candidates.  (Hey, communists are entitled to continue to have representation.  The Greens, at least, were not in power to bring this country to bankruptcy.)

If you want to see "Change and Hope", for Liberty instead of the Welfare State, then you need to duplicate this editorial and convince 1,000 of your best friends to join you in overturning the existing political elites (both Democrats and Republicans).  If not, then you can kiss all concept of Freedom goodbye, until that point in the future when your descendents decide they want to be free bad enough to pay the price that you were not willing to pay. 

Do you have the political will to be free?

(c) Daniel New, June 2009