ICV Newsletter April 2009

April 27th, 2009 at 12:51 pm CST
Independent Conservative Voters

Dear Independent Conservative Voter,

While I sometimes think, "I'm the only one," the fact of the matter is that America consists of a silent majority of people who are "conservative" by nature, and who are "independent" in their thinking.  It was for you, and them, that we created the website, http://www.independentconservativevoters.com/.

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One exciting thing to me is that folks from around the country are beginning to respond to this website, and we're getting people willing to become the Spark Plug for their community.  And that is all it takes -- one spark plug to drive the engine that turns your county around.  Here is what I wrote to an independent conservative in Georgia, and maybe I should share this with all of you:

If you decided to be that spark plug, you simply find ten loyal men (and women do count, but this is warfare, and all soldiers are men in my book).  You sell the concept to those ten, and challenge each of them to build a team TWO levels deep - from their own ten each to each of them getting ten.  Sounds like it's not all that big, but those three levels will give you 10 + 100 + 1,000 = 1,110 voters, and if you are smart, that really means 1,110 households - which means there's a ripple effect because there are 2.4 votes in every house, on average, so that means 2,664 votes, and in most counties in America, you can swing nearly every election with that team of maverick voters who have made up their mind to clean house!  And in the rural counties, you can OWN the county!!  I'm not kidding you, that will elect a county judge, the commissioners, the tax collectors, the school board and the city councils and mayors of most small towns. 

But only if there is ONE spark plug who grasps the Vision of an Independent America, based upon Constitutional Law. 

That's the concept.  Implementation is no harder than running a Boy Scout Troop.  (And probably no easier.)  It's work, it's study, and it's persistence. 
I'm looking for County Spark Plugs, and State Spark Plugs, if you are interested.  We'll be setting up a place for those people to sign up for updates and maybe some way to implement a training program for spark plugs and for candidates.  Your thoughts will be welcome.

God bless you in your efforts,
Had a minister from Tennessee visiting in our home this past week, and he asked, "Why is it that the Liberals always win, and the Conservatives always lose?  I think it's because they have passion, and we don't."  At the risk of contradicting such a smart guy, I felt compelled to say that, "(A) Conservatives are every bit as passionate about our cause as the Liberals are; but (B) the real reason is that Conservatives believe in individual responsibility, so we work to improve things, and we leave everyone else alone.  Liberals, on the other hand, not believing in God, but worshipping Mankind instead, believe the State is THE WAY to get things done and the only way.  That means they work within their jobs for the promotion of one another (how many real conservatives work for the government in the first place?), and the implementation of their agenda." 

And that's why they always prevail, until we reach critical mass, and blood runs in the streets.  And then we win, because they don't believe in the Second Amendment.  And that also explains why they hate that part of the Constitution so much. 

Don't sell your guns!  But if you must, give me and my family first chance to buy them!!!


Daniel New
Project Manager