ICV Update 22 July 2009

July 22nd, 2009 at 7:30 am CST

Independent Conservative Voters


Dear Independent Conservative Voter,

As soon as you state your intent to build a team of ten friends as "Independent Conservative Voters", you become an ICV Volunteer Coordinator

Your ten friends may not know it yet, because you haven't told them, but they are waiting for you to recommend who to vote for.  By and large, they will do three things for you, if asked. 
(1) They will vote as you recommend, if you give them good, solid, Conservative reasons to do so;
(2) They will get ten of their friends to do the same thing, if you show them how and encourage them just a little bit.
(3) They will give you, and the ICV Network, feedback about candidates that we might not otherwise know.
By getting one friend to work this program, you are no long stuck with just one vote.  You would then have a voting influence of 11 votes -- yours plus ten more.  Actually, if you make sure each friend is in a separate household, you have about 24 votes, there being an average of 2.4 votes per household. 

Are you going to be happy with 24 votes, when getting ten friends to work this program will give you a VOTING IMPACT of 240 votes?  Just by calling and/or writing to ten friends.  Imaging that!  Little old you -- wielding an influence of 240 votes!

If you can imagine that, can you imagine getting ten people to do the same thing, by each of them getting 240 votes?  The math is simple:  240 x 10 = 2,400 votes.  And you, with less management time invested than building a small Amway business, will be impacting or controlling enough votes to swing many of the elections in your county!

Now... if there were ten of you doing that... the mind boggles.

In the 2006 election for Governor of Texas, 4,399,116  votes were cast.  Rick Perry won that race with 39%, 1,716,792 votes. 

If you and nine other Texans were to get together and work this program, what would it take to "Take Back Texas" from the political prostitute who currently own the political process, and effectively shut out the common people?  Let's do the math.

First level is 10 Coordinators. That's 24 votes.
Level 2 100 240 votes
Level 3 1,000 2,400 votes
Level 4 10,000 24,000 votes
Level 5 100,000 240,000 votes
Level 6 1,000,000 2,400,000 votes

Six levels deep. Just "Me and my ten friends" can do this. 

Remember -- don't do something crazy and foolhardy, and try to get eleven friends, or worse yet, 100!  That's crazy!  You can't manage 100 people effectively.  Management experts tell us we can not effectively manage more than ten people in anything.  So, let's keep it simple, and "drive for depth", as every multi-marketing entrepreneur well knows.

How much faith, and how much confidence do you have?
Do we need to draw you some organizational charts with circles?  We can do that.  Can you drive to only three levels deep?  Well, that's about 2,400 votes on level 3, plus 240 on level 2, plus 24 on level one = you would have a Voting Impact of 2,664 votes!  MANY elections are decided by a smaller number than that.  With only three levels, you (and your ten friends) become the swing vote power broker in your county!! 

I would say you need one meeting a week to make this happen.  I favor Saturday morning, but whatever fits your schedule.  Here's how I would do it. 
  • 1st week - meet with my 10 Team Captains
  • 2nd week - meet with one or two of their teams
  • 3rd week - meet with one or two other teams
  • 4th week - meet with one or two other teams
  • 5th week - a barbecue for the whole team!
If you have the Vision, we have the Model.  Just tell us your goal, and you'll become a Volunteer Coordinator.

Send us proof that you have ten voters signed up, and you'll become a Squad Leader.

When your team signs up at least 50 voters, you'll become a Sergeant..

When your team reaches 100+ voters, you'll become a Lieutenant in the Army of the Texas Republic.

When your team reaches 1,000 voters, you'll become a Captain in the Army of the Texas Republic.

When your team reaches 10,000 voters, you'll become a Major in the Army of the Texas Republic.

When your team reaches 100,000 voters, you'll become a Colonel in the Army of the Texas Republic.

When your team reaches 1,000,000 voters, you'll probably become Governor, but if you don't want it, you'll still be a General in the Army of the Texas Republic!!!

Officers and numbers will be kept confidential.  Want to know how many votes we have?  We'll show you on election day!

State leadership (the Officer Corps) will know one another, but the very important principle here is that YOU control your downline, not a small group of political elites at the top!  We'll have to convince you, on every candidate you endorse, or you won't pass it on. 

One of the great strengths of this approach is that there is nothing to prevent you from starting your team of ten voters tomorrow, and having them in place in one to seven days.  You can build a formidable team in a month, and without any money.

One of the great weaknesses of this approach is that we don't know who the voters are.  We can't know if they will show up and vote our recommendations until the day after the election.  So that weakness has to be overcome by your good management.  (We're taking a risk here.)

One of the great strengths of this approach is that no one can infiltrate your organization!!  Only you know who they are, and you only know two levels, at the most. 

One of the great weaknesses of this approach is that we are all volunteers, and have no money to pay expenses to make this work.  This is merely a grassroots First Amendment group of patriotic Americans, exercising our Freedom of Speech and our Freedom of Assembly "to alter or abolish" the inequities in our government.  I believe that is what Freedom is all about.

One of the great strengths of this approach is that there is a potential for us to launch an unknown candidate into the public consciousness.  How?  Suppose we have only 10,000 members at the grassroots level.  Suppose we ask our ten friends to ask their ten friends to send $10 as a one time gift to Candidate A, and to do it within the week.  If Candidate A suddenly gets a financial shot in the arm of $100,000, do you think he/she will be very receptive to working with us? 

Interested?  Right now, you're just "on a mailing list."  If you want to become a Volunteer Coordinator, please let us know, and tell us your vision.  How many levels you want to go.  Tell us the counties where you'll be concentrating your numbers.  (We WILL be asking you for numbers, but we do NOT want names and addresses.  Anything we get to your team will be delivered by you.  Anything your team wants to purchase will be paid for by them, and passed on to us by you.  We are discussing now the development of handbooks and packets of information, at cost, to help you build your team.) 

Fellow Patriots, there are those who say that it is too late for political action.  That the Republic is dead. 

If they are wrong, then we MUST organize now, this being our last possible chance to save the Republic.

If they are right, well, then other action may become appropriate.  Won't it be nice to know that you already have your next organization in place?  For those who can read between the lines, do so.  For the rest of you, well, just go recruit another level deep.  It will all become apparent in time.

Daniel New
Project Manager