ICV Update 19 July 2009

July 19th, 2009 at 1:20 pm CST
Independent Conservative Voters


Dear Independent Conservative Voter,

Some of you are aware that there is a genuine conservative running for governor of Texas next year -- Debra Medina.  The problem with her candidacy is that she is running as a Republican.  That's her privilege, of course, and we can't make that call for her, but it poses a major problem for her candidacy.  She's giving up a long campaign in a calculated gamble that she can capture the GOP nomination in the early primary.  Not jolly likely, with Governor Fair Hair and Senator New World Odor in the line-up.

It would be so nice to have an Independent in the race.  If she makes ballot access, by petition, then she'll be on the ballot in November.  It's a challenge, no doubt, but it can be done.  Carol Strayhorn Rylander did it in 2006.  It takes organization and either money or a lot of hard work.  But hard work is what builds campaign teams anyway, so the realistic candidate needs to view that as a requirement by law that they do what they need to do anyway! 

If you would like to see Debra Medina run for governor in 2010 as an Independent, we encourage you to drop her a note, by e-mail or snail mail, and tell her so.  Please be polite.  Invite her to leave the GOP (Group of Prostitutes) and become a truly Independent voice in Texas politics.  If you enclose $5, it will probably get their attention a lot quicker!

You can e-mail Debra's campaign here:   
You can send a letter here:

Debra Medina Campaign
904 W. Montgomery
Suite 4-506
Willis, TX 77378

We would love to see a strong Independent candidate for governor, in 50 states.  And we have two slogans for them:

Spirit of 1776
Re-elect NOBODY!

Finally - a viable alternative
to socialism in Texas!

One more item.  The time has come to ask for volunteers to help build a team of Independent Conservative Voters in every State.  All we're looking for right now is Volunteer Coordinators.  If you'd like to help us build up a list of ten, or a hundred, or a thousand voters in your state, just sign up HERE!

If you want to donate $5 to help pay for postage, we'll not only put it [Click here to purchase] to good use, we'll send you two free "Re-elect NOBODY" bumper stickers to show our appreciation. 

Alright, I'm taking a poll, here.  Do you want an ICV blog?  If so, we'll do it.  If not, we'll continue as we are.

For a sovereign, Constitutional Republic, once again,

Daniel New
Project Manager