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July 30th, 2012 at 1:47 pm CST
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Texas Special Edition

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Texas voters:  The GOP run-off election will be held next Tuesday, 31 July.  Even if you didn't vote in the primary, you can vote in the run-off.  Think about this - fewer than 10% of eligible voters are going to vote in this run-off election. 

How to give your Vote 200 times more influence, legally!

You already know that only one voter in five bothers to vote in the primary. That means you already have five votes instead of one. You're voting for four other people who are too lazy to show up. And in the run-off elections, traditionally, only one person in 20 bothers to vote! That means your vote is 20 times more powerful. When you get a friend to come along to vote, you just doubled your influence to that of 40 people! And when you get your Voting Team of 10 registered voters to vote for the same candidate in the run-off election (Monday, July 31 for Texans), you literally speak for 200 people! Now that's influence!
ICV Texas Endorsements:
  • Ted Cruz for US Senate
  • John Devine for Texas Supreme Court Place 4
  • Warren Chisum for Texas Railroad Commissioner
  • Barry Smitherman for Texas Railroad Commissioner
  • Wes Riddle for US House #25
  • Steve Stockman for US House #36

Montgomery County Endorsements:

  • JD Lambright — County Attorney
  • David Moore — Constable, Precinct 2

President Obama says America in no longer a Christian Nation. Are we? Look at the map and decide for yourself. This is a neat one, where you can scroll over each state and see the percentages of those who claim to be Evangelical Christian, Mainline Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Orthodox, Jehovah's Witness, and then Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Other.

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Daily my email box is full of email from different organizations spreading fear the Obama and Hillary are going to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty and destroy our 2nd Amendment. They are always full of pleds to send more money to help them fight this battle.

For years we have been telling anyone that will pay attention that treaties can not over ride the constitution. However, only a hand full of people take notice. Most have drunk the kool-aid and have believed a lie. Finally we have found someone that agrees and has some common sense. Read Why Obama-Backed UN Treaties Can’t Trample Constitution by Doug Book and see for yourself why treaties do not trump the constitution.

A Lesson in History

In 1954 Senator Lyndon B Johnson was in a fight for his senate-seat-life. Before 1954, the church spoke out on the most critical issues of the day with regularity and boldness. People looked to the churches for moral direction. There were a couple of non-profit groups that were attacking LBJ’s candidacy. In an effort to silence them, he influenced existing 501(c)(3) regulation to include churches and non-profits, adding they could not participate in any political campaign, either in support of or in opposition to a candidate for elective office. In one fell swoop, LBJ effectively eliminated the church’s ability to influence the culture. Because we let him.

The UN is at it again this time they are calling for the legalization of prostitution wordwide.

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