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April 29th, 2012 at 8:34 pm CST
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Glenn Addison is our endorsed candidate for US Senate. If you will get him 100 votes in your county, it will make a huge difference. That means that ten of your friends will (a) pledge to vote for Glenn, and (b) then get ten more people to vote for him. This is a campaign without any special interest beyond restoring the Republic which is otherwise lost. If our children and their children are to know anything of Liberty, you and I must bestir ourselves to take this Republic back, and put the federal government back in its place, as a servant of the States.

Daniel New, Founder
Independent Conservative Voters of Texas

There's a Crack in Our Foundation
by Glenn Addison, candidate for US Senate from Texas

Our founding fathers designed the U. S. Constitution to be the very foundation of our republic. Having recently thrown off the heavy boot of the British Empire they, by design, instituted a very limited federal government. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, which lists the duties, responsibilities and therefore, I believe, the limitations of the federal government takes up only two very small pages. You do not find such words as education, environment, energy, housing, urban development, labor, job, occupation, endangered species, etc. in this list. I submit to you that that was by design. The states created the federal government, not the other way around, and they did not want people and entities who were inaccessible to "We, the People" controlling their lives.

Fast forward to today. The federal government is growing exponentially: multiplying unconstitutional agencies and departments are issuing edicts on a daily basis that are taking more and more rights and liberties away from "We, the People". Late last year, our government (including many Republicans) passed the NDAA which allows the president to seize and detain an American citizen, indefinitely, if they are deemed "a threat". On March 16, an executive order was put in place allowing the President of the United States to take charge of ALL resources/manufacturing in the U.S. even in peacetime. This is just an example of the unprecedented changes that are taking place on a regular basis in our halls of government. As you and I, the common people, go about our daily business our liberties are being usurped. I submit to you that we have a crack in our foundation…and we had better take steps, right away, to not just preserve and defend our Constitution…but to restore it. For the past sixteen months, I have been traveling around this great state. During the drought this past summer, one of the effects that I observed was the integrity of structures being compromised by fissures in the soil causing cracks in their foundations. Wise owners took immediate steps to repair the threat to their property. We can do no less for our country.

In my bid for U.S. Senate, I am advocating a great "restoration movement" of the U.S. Constitution. It is imperative that we "get back to the book" as I call the Constitution. I believe that we need to restore the Constitution by eliminating unconstitutional federal agencies and departments (i.e. the EPA) and returning powers to the states. My better known opponents want to "reform" said agencies. I believe we need to restore U. S. sovereignty which has been watered down by the "entangling alliances" that our founding fathers warned us about, many of which are rooted in the United Nations. My solution is simple: "The U.N. needs to get out of the U.S., and the U.S. needs to get out of the U.N." Again, my opponents want to "reform" this beast. I also want to restore the idea of a "citizen legislator". I have pledged, in the spirit of the founding fathers, to serve one six-year term and come back to my day job. I will not sign up for the lavish pension or healthcare that the Senate has provided for themselves. I go to serve "We, the People", not to feed at the taxpayer trough. I urge you to visit www.glennaddison.com and join me in this fight to preserve the structural integrity of our nation by restoring its foundation: the U.S. Constitution.

Glenn Addison is a Constitutional Conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. He and his wife own and operate funeral homes in Magnolia and Spring, near Houston.

P.O. Box 1212, Magnolia, TX 77353


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