[ICV] Sick and Tired of Being Played for a Sucker?

August 12th, 2013 at 7:07 pm CST
Independent Conservative Voters

Dear Independent Conservative Voter,

Sick and Tired of Being Played for a Sucker?
By Daniel New

When I tell people that the political scene in this country is a disaster, it’s not something they don’t already know. 

Those who believe we can salvage the Republic by voting for the less socialist of the two major parties are brainwashed.  We’ve been played for suckers for too long.  As Eddie Childs used to say, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m going to do something about it!”

There’s a lot of talk these days about secession, and truth be known, it appeals to all who believe in freedom.  We’ve tried it twice in this country and it worked once.  Some people are willing to go for “best two out of three!”  They are desperate as they watch this country subside under corruption and political correctness, as morals decline and imbeciles occupy the halls of power, managed by an Invisible Hand of Power.

However, the time for secession is not quite right.  It may come, but until there are some elected constitutionalists, we have no color of law and we have no chance of success.  Instead of secession, a bloody war and martial law, let’s try something that you can do, right now. 

  1. Secede, today, from all existing political parties.  (This doesn’t mean you won’t vote for the occasional good candidate — you will.)
  2. Form your own political party — a free association of you and your ten friends. 
  3. This “Bob and Mary Party” with ten votes will then look at the field and endorse only those candidates whom they believe will best further a return to Constitutional government.
  4. Train and assist your ten friends in each getting another 10 voters to join in this guerilla warfare approach to local politics.

Whether they know it or not, Bob and Mary have just become one of the most powerful political blocs in their county!

Before you laugh this idea off, let’s look at the potential.  We all know that many elections are decided by just a handful of votes.  Your first goal is to make sure that those “squeakers” will go the right way.  You now have a hard impact of 110 votes, and a proven ripple effect of about 250 votes. 

If you can find four people in your county to build teams like this, you can impact or sway over 1,000 votes in several key races.  On the local level, this is huge!  Statewide, that doesn’t seem all that big a deal, but if you can work the “zone defense” in your county, and if we organize 25 counties, do you see the potential for influencing the 2014 election? 

I have spent the last 16 years working hard to organize the Constitution Party — a failed mission (for a variety of reasons).  Building a third party in a state where the federal and state laws are stacked against you can only succeed where there is a groundswell of public opinion ready to join that machine.  If nothing else, I’ve proved to myself that it cannot be done in this current political climate.  People are too scared.

The Constitution Party has failed to capture the existing groundswell of discontent among conservative voters, and will not be on the ballot in Texas in 2014.  The Tea Parties, on the other hand, have captured the groundswell, but they are clearly being managed by skillful Republicans to “keep them in the fold” and vote for candidates hand-picked by the Bushes and the Dewhursts and the Karl Rove crowd.  The Tea parties are thus being co-opted and many don’t even realize it.  Those who do are frustrated and don’t know how to change things.

This is how you change it.  Walk away.  Don’t give the GOP another nickel.  Don’t attend their meetings.  Don’t vote in their primaries.  And for goodness sakes, never vote straight party ticket again!  Ignore them — just as they have ignored us over the past decades.

Instead, when they give us a Ted Cruz or a Steve Stockman to vote for in November, we’ll vote for them in November.  In the meantime, we can do better.

  1. Find good candidates.  There are several in every county, every two years. 
  2. If there are none, select good men (and women) and motivate them to run as independents.  Pledge your support, and then work for them.  This must be done early in the year — study the election calendar.
  3. Manage your team and surprise the monopoly!

The Independent candidate, once ballot qualified, has the whole year to campaign, whereas the losing conservatives in the GOP primary have only a few months to get beat like a drum, and it’s over for most of them.

The Independent candidate, if he finds himself facing a bona fide opponent after the primaries are over, may withdraw from the race and work for a good candidate.  But if that good candidate loses in the primaries, it’s too late for another one to declare.  This keeps your options open for the general election in November. 


You can depend on the loyal Republicans to scream bloody murder, “You are splitting the vote!” 

The answer, with a smile, is, “Yes, we know that.” 

They will then say, “If you split the vote, the Democrats will win!”

And you will say, “That’s what you get, when you stray from the platform and the Constitution — you deserve to lose.  Besides, our Independent Conservative just may win, in which case YOU are splitting the vote!”

When you quit playing their game by their rules, they cannot sustain this hoax much longer.  They can no longer take the conservative vote for granted. 

Republicans have voted for bail-outs, for tyrannical legislation to increase spying on Americans, for funding various agencies which are clearly unconstitutional, for deficit spending, for illegal wars, for welfare programs, etc., and they frankly don’t care that you and I don’t like it — we have nothing they want.  Except a vote.  And they aren’t afraid when you will walk away by yourself.  But if you walk away with 250 to 1,000 votes in your county, they soon will care!  Because they will start losing elections, and that’s a good thing.  (Don’t worry about the Democrats — they won’t do any worse, and if elected, it will be temporary.)

If you’ll spend a few hours studying the races in your county over the past decade, you’ll find that many races are uncontested in November.1   What does that mean for you?  It means that your Independent candidate will often have a viable chance to win.  (First of all, all the opposition voters will vote for the Independent.  Then you throw in your Bob and Mary votes and watch the paradigms shift.)

This doesn’t take two years.  It doesn’t take two months.

How long do you think it takes to form a voting team of ten voters?  I will tell you from experience — about two hours!  In one meeting with ten friends, most of them will say yes to the following proposal:

Guys, I’m sick and tired of watching constitutional candidates get beat out by RINOs and other socialists at the ballot box.  I’ll make you an offer:  I will do the homework and with your help, we will find the best candidates our county has to offer in this next election if you’ll do one thing for me, because I’m no longer happy to just vote once — I want to vote ten times!  I want to multiply my vote.  So, if we come up with a list of the best candidates, regardless of party, will you do two things for me in exchange?  First, I want your pledge to vote for our endorsed candidates, and second, I want you to get us just ten more votes.”

The first and most common objection is that they are afraid they might not agree with a candidate on our list.  Answer:  “It’s no big deal.  If you think we’ve endorsed a candidate who is unworthy of your vote, then you have an obligation to tell us — early, I hope — and you always vote your conscience.  But if we endorse six good conservatives, and you only vote for five of them, we won’t be upset.  Just imagine instead how good we’ll all feel when we elect five constitutionalists and stun the party bosses in this county!”

You can form that “Bob and Mary” team in one meeting.  You ask people to not get too ambitious, to just focus on influencing ten voters.  If they get excited and want to build their own team of 100 voters, then they need to build a parallel party, the “Tom and Suzie Party”!  And now you have two groups, organizing independently, yet working together, and effectively sabotaging the monopoly currently held by the two socialist parties.  When the “Dick and Jane Party” join in, well, you get the picture.

Until now, we’ve just written articles and developed the method, but we’ve never formed county organizations.  This is a call for volunteers to start your own alternative to politics as usual in your county. 

You can do this by yourself, and never tell us, and that’s okay, but if you let us know that you’re organizing a given county, we might be able to send you a few new friends in that county, and we definitely want to give you the opportunity to have a say in our statewide endorsements coming up next year. 

No budget, no advertising, no paperwork to fill out for some government agency — you still have enough freedom of speech and freedom of association to recommend candidates.  Just you and your ten friends could turn your county around in 2014.  You can own your city council, your county commissioners and your school board.  You can take your county back!

And, if it comes to secession, well, you’re going to need those ten friends more than ever.

For more information, go to www.ICVUSA.com.

1 This information is available from the office of the Secretary of State in Texas.
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