ICV News 18 Oct. 2009

October 18th, 2009 at 7:16 pm CST
Independent Conservative Voters


Dear Independent Conservative Voter,

To all Texas Voters who are Independent Voters:

Attached is a compilation of our research on the proposed Constitutional Amendments which are on the ballot November 3.

Early voting starts October 19!

Please pass this on to a minimum of SIX Texas Voters, and if you wish to take a position on any one of the Amerndments, feel free to add it.

Now, if you can get six people to vote with you, and if they can get six people to vote with them, what have you done?  You will have voted 43 times -- legally!!!  In an election where only 10% of the registered voters turn out, that magnifies your impact to a net of 430 votes!!!!!!!!!! 

Don't ever believe it doesn't matter which way you vote.  The slogan ought to be,
"If you can't vote intelligently, then please stay home!"

Now, while you're passing this on, please invite your six friends to join you at www.IndependentTexasVoters.com/ and to subscribe to these updates from www.IndependentConservativeVoters.com/.