[ICV] Message to Independent, Conservative Voters

March 26th, 2012 at 6:21 am CST
Independent Conservative Voters

Dear Independent, Conservative Voters,

You are hereby appointed as an essential part of the Candidate Endorsement Committee for your state and community.

As friends of the Constitution, and as Conservative voters, perhaps you have concluded, as have we, that the Republican Party (which has so many very fine people in it) is run by power brokers who are interested in one thing, and that is winning. They have no more principles than the legendary "Streetwalkers for Jesus", who are notoriously short on the concept.

Republicans are power brokers for National Socialism, while Democrats are power brokers for International Socialism, so where does that leave you and me, to whom all socialism is evil?

All candidates who win an election are required to raise their hand and swear, usually on a Bible, that they will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Most of them have never read it, and will never read it, much less understand it what it means to vote consistently with their oaths of office.

There are some exceptions, and they are notable, and they are to be applauded, and we hope to return them to office, regardless of their party, for the Constitution should transcend any party position on any vote. And yet... most elected officials vote the party line so faithfully that we could have send a monkey with a rubber stamp to represent us, and saved a ton of money.

If you wish to nominate any candidate, at any level, (local, state, national), as a candidate who deserves our votes, the ICV Endorsement Committee will look at them, and will probably endorse unless we have reason to believe otherwise. This can even result in an occasional double endorsement in the same race.

As far as the endorsement for president, we have already endorsed one candidate, and will endorse no other in either of the major parties. That is Dr. Ron Paul. We will probably endorse the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party as acceptable alternatives to the two major Socialist Party candidates.

Please give us the following information on candidates whom you believe will strive to uphold the Constitution. Failing to get conflicting input, we'll accept your nomination, and then we'll ask you to work to get ten voters to each build a team of ten voters for each of your Constitutional candidates!

Your State:__________________
Your County: _________________
Your Name: _________________
Your E-Mail: ___________________
Your Candidate(s) and Office(s) and Party(ies):

Any notes or websites that will lead voters to your favorite candidates will help.

The next step will be for you to take your/our endorsement and make sure that at least 1,000 voters in your district know that this candidate is one who actually intends to stand for the Constitution of the United States, and is therefore worthy of their votes, regardless of party.

Until next week,

Daniel New
Project Coordinator

PS. You will double the strength of your ICV County Committee by getting one friend to sign up for our updates at www.IndependentConservativeVoters.com/. They will thank you

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