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February 20th, 2012 at 12:28 pm CST
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This publication is a First Amendment service of, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the conspiratorialists who run it. Articles relating to threats to our nation's sovereignty, to our form of government, to our history, to our future, etc., are brought to your attention because we found something of value in each one of them. We certainly don't endorse every thought expressed in them.

Friends of National Sovereignty,

I must admit I was shocked to see that the poll at 48% in favor of allowing the UN flag fly over PUBLIC property!!! (What flies over private property is protected free speech.)

A flag over public property - whether federal, state, county or municipal, or school, indicates dominion. We hope and pray that we are not yet a dominion of the United Nations.

I ask you to go to the site and vote for no flag over US public property, and then forward this to your friends. This is a shocker to me, and I hope it is a result of several UN employees skewing the poll results, but I'm afraid it is really the result of a poorly educated American citizenry who do not appreciate the value of national sovereignty.

Thanks so much!

Daniel New
Project Manager 

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