Subject: How to Better Market Your Farm

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I recently chatted with Colleen, a long-time member of ours at FTCLDF. Colleen calculated that over the last 13 years, working seven days a week, she makes just $4.35 an hour. When one of her sons expressed interest in taking over the farm in the future, Colleen found herself considering if it would be irresponsible to bring the next generation into farming.

As a consumer (I don't farm yet!), this was troubling and left me with many questions. Two that stuck out were: How can we keep farmers farming? How can we help keep farmers profitable?

Increasing profitability and helping farmers do what they love is vital to our mission at FTCLDF, and we are committed to farmer viability. We have seen progress made for our farmers when they commit to a marketing strategy and make changes to how they engage with customers. Colleen even said it herself: a little marketing goes a long way.

I know marketing might seem intimidating, but with expert advice and simple, actionable items, you can successfully market your farm in just minutes a day. This week's post is all about marketing, and in the next few months, we will dig a little deeper into specific aspects of marketing.

Check out the first post HERE, and please contact us if you have any questions.
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