Subject: 14 Day Free Access Inside: Gain The Winning Edge And Back More Winners Today With These Speed Ratings>>>

Good Afternoon Friend

Let me ask you question if I can: Have you ever thought of using Speed Ratings to help with your betting?

Well if you haven’t then you really should be taking a look at Inform today because they have been providing winners and big winners too, on a regular basis, since way back in 2003 – that’s over 13 years. 

And I have managed to secure special free access for RacingToProfit readers. 


I have arranged with Ian, the chap behind Inform Racing - and who is well respected in this game of ours - to give you totally FREE access up until Christmas Day. 

No Email. No Card Details. Nothing. 

At the link below you will be taken to a page where there is a username and password. 

You simply use these to log in. Easy as that. Full access until Friday 23rd December when the password will be cancelled. 

You could be using these to find winners this afternoon, or at Chelmsford this evening. 

Now let’s be honest, no betting website would survive for 13 years if it wasn’t doing something right and Inform Racing is one that certainly has been, by providing the information that winning punters need, all in one easy to use format, all in one place.

– Uniquely calculated speed ratings
– Consistent 50%+ strike rate from the top 3 rated
– Regular big priced winners found simply from these top 3
– At a glance race stats and form let you read any race is seconds
– Proven methods supplied find you winners everyday
– Over 9,000 UK races covered every year

Speed Ratings offer the very best way of seeing how a race will be run as nothing can be deemed as definite and precise as a calculation achieved by rating against the clock.

In fact the powerful formula that Inform Racing uses to make their own calculations can start to help you make a real profit from your betting today.

Proof of this can be seen by recent winners being found at 25/1, 20/1, 16/1 and many more, so this long term online proven website with reliable stats and high performing ratings could just be the ‘winning edge’ you have been looking for all of these years.


Over on that page, as well as the log in details you need, there is also more information about the ratings and how you can use them to profit. 

I think this is the best freebie I have ever sent you, and I hope many of you enjoy trying it out. 

Do let me know how you get on. Hopefully you find a few winners over the next couple of weeks. 


In-Running Trading Tool....

Finally, Ian has also offered you access to his In-Running Trading tool for just £1, again for 14 days. 

I know this will interest fewer of you than the opportunity above, and in truth I have no personal interest in -in running trading.

But, for those of you who do have an interest in 'in running trading' on the exchanges, this may interest you. 

In Running Trading allows you to back a horse before the event and then ‘lay it off’ during the race at a lower price for a 100% guaranteed profit whatever the outcome.

Sounds too simple? Well yes it is, but not if you know which horses are likely to drop in price –- and that’s the hard part.

But that is where this new Trading Tool comes in, because after you run the programme each day it collects all of the past In Running stats for every horse, collates the information for you in a simple to read format and then highlights all of those horses that are most likely to drop in price today.

All helping you make extra profits each day from your betting.

  • Trade for a small drop in price and make a profit in a matter of seconds.
  • Trade on multiple horses in one race and multiply those profits every time.
  • See which horses will drop by half the price or more in running and clean up with even bigger profits. Find those horses that trade low in running without winning for a low risk, regular income.
All of this and more can be achieved by using the In Running Trading Tool and you can have your copy downloaded today for just £1 , plus a simple to read User Guide


(you can find out more information about this in-running trading tool HERE>>>


I think that is all for today. 

I know many don't share my enthusiasm for trainer stats etc and there are many ways to make this game pay. Hopefully some of you find those two offers above of some interest. 

I think you would be mad not to take up the first offer - full free access, for 14 days. No card details or email addresses required. Simple. 

And, they will find winners between now and Christmas. I hope you back some of them. 

All the best 

p.s I am sure there will be plenty happening on the blog over the next few days. I will be hoping to build on tipping Harry The Viking on Sunday - winners have been hard to come by! I have also updated all blog results for November, which you can read HERE>>>

p.p.s Don't forget your early Christmas present - try out the Inform Speed Ratings HERE>>>

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