Subject: Daily Practices for Sacred Living: The Shamanism Global Summit, July 19 - 21

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Good day,

The path of shamanism puts us in sacred relationship with all of life, in which we’re fully connected to ourselves, our world and our greatest gifts. It’s a beautiful and powerful path for both personal and collective transformation.

That’s what The Shamanism Global Summit is about — a free online event taking place July 19 - 21.
Join esteemed shamanic teachers and healers — including Lynn Andrews, Sandra Ingerman, Alberto Villoldo, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Betsy Bergstrom, John Perkins, José Stevens with Lena Stevens, HeatherAsh Amara and others. They’ll be sharing practical wisdom for you to access guidance, healing and power for more sacred living.

In The Shamanism Global Summit, these esteemed teachers and healers will unveil the practices of a shamanic way of being that is creative and intuitive, connected and life-affirming.

During this powerful, unparalleled 3-day summit, you’ll discover skills that relieve suffering and help foster more joy, radiant health and fulfilling relationships as well as:
  • Practical tools for healing negative feelings and toxic thoughts
  • Your role as a co-creator with the Earth, the elements and the spirit world — and accelerate the conscious evolution of the planet
  • Subtle realms of consciousness (the upper and lower worlds) with guidance from allies there
  • The basics of shamanic journeying and healing work from various perspectives (as well as key things NOT to do)
  • A deeper sense of presence and reverence for the natural world — including plants, animals and Gaia herself

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