Subject: Happiness Gene, Power of Enneagram, Write to Heal, Machu Picchu Equinox Adventure

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Good day,

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” Omar Khayyam

Some very interesting upcoming events:

1. Activating Your Happiness Gene, Free Online Event, Now Through June 19th Free Recording. Join health expert and researcher Dawson Church PhD, as he reveals simple science-based energy practices that “turn on” the positive expressions of your genes for optimal health and stress reduction that are holistic, easy to apply and don’t rely on expensive medical interventions. New research reveals that our genetic patterns are not permanently fixed at birth, but can actually change as we continue to evolve and grow. Learn more.

2. 3 Keys to Unlock the Power of the Enneagram, Free Online Event Wednesday, June 22, 2016 5:30 pm Pacific, 8:30 pm Eastern, 12:30 AM June 23. Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb are known as two of the “depth” teachers of the Enneagram. Their approach transcends simplistic personality categorizations, and instead sees this powerful tool for personal and collective transformation as a blueprint of the human soul. Transcend your deepest fears and limitations and express the true gifts of your soul by effectively applying the world’s most influential psychological and spiritual typing system. Learn more.

3. Writing to Heal Your Shadow, Free Online Event, Saturday, June 18, 2016 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern, 3 pm GMT. Writing can help. Truly. There is remarkable new science that shows that intimate journaling, if done in the right way, can help you metabolize the past (or the present) in a way that frees your attention, allowing for greater liberation and joy.  One of the keys is to first stop resisting the darker parts of your psyche — and relating to them as your shameful “problem” areas — and instead recognize that your shadow likely holds the most profound gifts for you (and the world) once you can surrender into what it has to teach. Learn more.

Joseph R Giove and The Common Passion Core Team

PS. Equinox Sacred Adventure to Machu Picchu Perú and Sacred Sites in Perú and Bolivia September 16 – 30, 2016. Native guides will lead a small group of adventurers on a magical journey through Incan and Aymaran lands in Perú and Bolivia, visiting ancient temples and cities like the crystal city Machu Picchu, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Tiwanaku and the bi-dimensional gate. Explore the amazing energies of the land and waters of the Mother Lake, Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia. Discover the remarkable arts, history and culture of the Inca and Aymara as you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Andes in South America.  Be initiated by the rising sun on the Equinox, September 22nd, at the Temple Inti Waton high atop Machu Picchu. Be prepared to be amazed. Photo Gallery and Details Here.

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