Subject: Season's Greetings from Dr. Biemer

James J. Biemer, MD            
               December 2015 - Season's Greetings!
I hope you’ve been enjoying this holiday season and the good company of family and friends. I’m writing you today to send a few updates, and to ask for your feedback.

We plan on more changes this coming year, so that we can better serve you. We are considering adding an option for virtual visits - short visits that do not require a physical exam held via computer conference. We are also expanding our weight loss program following a hugely successful intro group of patients. Please read on below and give us your thoughts! 

Again, Merry Christmas and Best of the Holidays.

Stay well,
Dr. Biemer  
Virtual Visits

You likely have seen articles on “telemedicine” and “virtual doctor visits.” In many areas of the country this began as a new capability to extend care to rural areas that don’t have access to specialists. An example is St. Vincent’s and OHSU’s “telestroke program,” where stroke team neurologists from these hospitals can be in direct contact and consulting with rural emergency rooms where patients are being evaluated for an acute stroke. As you’ve heard in these circumstances time is of the essence, so an opinion on acute treatment is often life saving. In other circumstances (which is felt to be a much poorer use of the technology), doctors sitting anywhere in the country can MEET new patients and prescribe medication or give advice with a visit that uses, basically, a Skype type of interaction over the computer.

This technology is now available to us all, and in most cases insurance will pay for the visit. For our situation (patients and their OWN primary physician) it would allow us to have an interaction similar to an office visit, perhaps 15-20 minutes of discussion with video on both sides, where I would create a regular office note and could adjust medications, prescribe new ones etc. This could be used if you simply would rather have the visit from home (or are sick), if you are traveling on vacation or business, or if I am traveling. Very appropriate uses would be to describe new symptoms where a physical exam is not needed, or to follow up on inadequate control of diabetes or blood pressure, asthma, allergies etc. I would estimate that outside of “physicals,” I could substitute a virtual visit in 50% or so of my interactions with patients.

Tell me what you think! This would never be required of you, just an option. I have not signed a contract with the company that sets this up via software that works with my current electronic record- I may do so in the coming year. 

Weight Loss Program                                           
Our Ideal Protein program is terrific, and we’ve “graduated” many patients in the first 8 months of implementation. These patients are often 30-50 lbs lighter and have discontinued some or all of their diabetes and blood pressure medications. In the coming year we’ll be planning monthly evening group workshops to help you understand the program. Let Kazumi know if you are interested by emailing her at  Please consider this medically supervised program for your friends and family as well, as it is NOW AVAILABLE FOR WEIGHT LOSS CLIENTS WHO ARE NOT ARE CURRENT PATIENTS.

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