Subject: New Year, New Portal

James J. Biemer, MD            
               January 2015 - New Year, New Portal
Our new electronic record Athena is now installed in the office. It includes a billing system and patient communication portal. This is a major change for our office and will take months to fully configure, and may take a full year to get all of your patient information loaded onto the new system. In the mean time we have our old records (Centricity) available side by side for reference.

Please enroll in the portal when you get a chance (see step by step instructions below). Some of you have commented on the number of automatic reminders you have gotten from the system for appointments, test results, and sometimes billing statements. YOU can control these reminders to a great extent via your new portal account.

Please feel free to send us feedback about information you see on your new chart, and we will gladly update and correct any information that isn't right. Please be aware that for most of you, we are entering and checking all the problem and med lists on the new system when you come in for a visit, especially for your annual exam.

Stay well,
Dr. Biemer  

Athena Portal Connect                                                
We are live on Athena! Please log on and set up your patient communication portal account. This will be your new direct link to Dr. Biemer as well as to your health history and information. This transition will no doubt have it's bumps and we appreciate your patience.    
Instructions for Log In
  - visit the link below, "Athena Portal Log On" (this can also be found at
  - if you are new to the portal click "create account" at the bottom right
  - you will be prompted to enter your full name, date of birth, gender, email, and phone number (any phone number we have on file for you should work, in order for this process to work your email address will need to match the one we have listed)*
  - at this point Athena will send a temporary pin number to your preferred contact which you will use to set your password
  - you're ready to go!    
General Portal Use 
  - sign on from the same location listed above (and remember  password is case sensitive!)
  - the home page shows new notifications and results
  - the "messages" tab on the left will bring you to the secure patient messaging center for communication with Dr. Biemer
  - the "billing" tab will allow you to check balances and pay bills on line
  - the "My health" tab will allow you to check older labs, health history, medications, etc.** Give it a look!
Instructions for Notification settings 

  - Visit "My Profile" tab on the left
  - Click the sub menu "My Notifications"
  - Check or uncheck the boxes to set your preferred notification settings

* If any of the information you enter is different than what we have on file, you may not be able to access your portal. If you get error messages please give the office a call and confirm your contact information.
** Some of your health history from pre-Athena visits will not be available in this portal. However all visits and labs from this point forward will be logged here!

New Patients Enrollment

We are currently accepting a limited number of patients. Unfortunately we are not currently able to take any new medicare patients.   
Flu Season 
Flu season is here in full force but it's not too late to take preventive measures. You may have read that one of the strains of the flu out there this year is not well covered by the current flu shot. While this may be true, the CDC still strongly recommends you get a flu shot. Although we are out of our current batch of flu shots here in the office, these are available at most regular pharmacies. In addition, stick with the tried and true! Wash your hands frequently, especially in public places or around ill individuals, and avoid touching your face or mouth.  
If you do become quite ill with what appears to be the flu (high fever, sore throat, cough, and achy all over - not your typical cold) let us know. Anti-viral therapies such as Tamiflu can be helpful in shortening the time to recovery.

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