Subject: Happy Holidays! Great changes coming

James J. Biemer, MD            
                December 2014 Holiday Newsletter
Happy Holidays! 
Some of you may know that Kazumi has been out of the office for 5 weeks or so on medical leave. She has now returned healthy and grateful to all of you who passed on your best wishes. Thank you!

Big changes are coming here in the office. On December 17th we will go live with ATHENA, a cloud based electronic record keeping, billing, and portal solution that will streamline your care and improve our services. Please read on below to learn more and sign up for the new (improved!) patient portal. 
NOTE* Beginning on Dec. 17 our Athena system will become the main point of access for patients. Please discontinue use of your current portal for communications, and contact our office through Athena or directly by phone or email. 
Also, flu season is here! You may have read that one of the strains of the flu out there this year is not well covered by the current flu shot. While this may be true, the CDC still strongly recommends you get a flu shot. In addition, if you become quite ill with what appears to be the flu later in the season (high fever, sore throat, cough, and achy all over - not your typical cold) let us know. Anti-viral therapies such as Tamiflu can be helpful in shortening the time to recovery. We still have some flu shots available, as do most pharmacies in the area.

We wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season!   

Athena Portal Connect                                                
Our official go live date on Athena (the date that we officially switch systems), is December 17th. We welcome you to log on and set up your portal on or after that date. This will be your new direct link to Dr. Biemer as well as to your health history and information. This transition will no doubt have it's bumps and we appreciate your patience.    
New Patients Enrollment

While we make the transition in our EMR system we will not be accepting any new patients. However, we will accept a limited number of patients starting again with the new year. If someone you know is interested please direct them to the website to learn more about this practice.   

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