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Dr. James J. Biemer
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March 2018 Newsletter


A few helpful ideas from Coach Molly who visited Disney World in 2016 while following Phase 1.
Do you have a work trip, family vacation or getaway coming up? With Spring quickly approaching, many of us are making plans for a trip. Vacations can feel extremely challenging when following Phase I Protocol, but it doesn't have to be. With preparation and planning you can be successful. Dieters who stay on protocol can expect to continue their weight loss while traveling. 


Plan Ahead: Create a menu for all of your travel days. Pack a variety of IP foods so you can enjoy sweet and salty treats. Pack healthy snacks and look for restaurants that can accomodate your food requirements.

Call the hotel: Do they have a mini fridge or microwave? Is there one accessible to guests if not in the room? Is there a local grocery store that delivers food? I had bottled water, celery sticks and some healthy snacks for the kids waiting upon arrival at the hotel.

Check Luggage: I knew that a daily visit to Starbucks, inside Magic Kingdom, would make me feel like I was on vacation. So I packed enough Ready-Made Vanilla and Chocolate Drinks to go with my Doppio on Ice in a Venti cup. Bonus: I had extra room for souvenirs in my suitcase on the way home.

Drink Water: Pack a water bottle. In Disney, any restaurant will fill it for you for free. Outside Disney and traveling in other places, I have found restaurants and places with a soda fountain very generous with filling my bottle with ice and water. 

Celebrate: Find fun activities that don't involve food. Visit a museum, shop, go swimming, take a walk or see a show.

Next time you're in the office, ask your Coach for the “Ideal Protein Restaurant & Social Gathering Tips Sheet” It has a lot of additional helpful hints.
Educational Seminar
Do you have a friend who would benefit from IP? Would having a buddy help you stick to Protocol? 

Attend our next Educational Seminar and invite a friend.

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We are happy to announce our newest drinks sweetened with stevia! These are convenient drink mixes, a tasty option when you are on the go. Add cold water, shake and enjoy! They provide 18 grams of protein and are 100 calories or less.

Hibiscus & Watermelon Flavored Drink Mix: 
Discover the uplifting taste of hibiscus and watermelon. This will add a refreshing feeling to your day!

Vanilla Chai Latté
Combining the taste of vanilla, the spiced flavor of chai and the calorie-free sweetness of Stevia, this balance of sweet and spice is sure to warm up your day.
Try our entire line of Fruity Drinks in one box. 
  • Hibiscus & Watermelon (NEW)
  • Vanilla Chai Latté (NEW)
  • Lemon Matcha Green Tea Drink Mix (NEW)
  • Blueberry, Cranberry & Pomegranate
  • Orange 
  • Pina Colada
  • Pineapple and Banana Flavoured
The Drinks are easy to make on the go. They are low in calories, sodium and carbohydrates. They are a valuable component of the Ideal Protein Protocol. If you are not regularly using them now would be a good time to try them and add them to your meal planning.

Do you need to lose a few pounds before Summer? 

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