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Call these offices and ask them to support the Senate version of #HR1044.
Tell them to NOT oppose a bill that actually HELPS Chinese immigrants and all immigrants out of silly political correctness. Call and call frequently (Rep Chu is the most important office):

Rep. Judy Chu (Washington D.C) 202-225-5464
Rep. Judy Chu (Claremont, CA) 909-625-5394
Rep. Judy Chu (Pasadena, CA) 626-304 0110
Rep. Grace Meng 202-225-2601
Rep. Mark Takano 202-225-2305
Rep. Ted Lieu 202-225-3976
Rep. Andy Kim 202-225-4765


Send this email to the following House Democratic staff members with a Subject that clearly indicates your support for HR.1044 (or you may use the subject below):

Rep Judy Chu:;;

Rep. Grace Meng:;;

Rep. Mark Takano:;;

Rep. Ted Lieu:;;

Rep. Andy Kim:;

The text of the email you need to send is italicized below:

Subject: Rebuttal to Email Regarding Section 9 of the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act (H.R.1044 as passed by the Senate)


Immigration Voice is the national grassroots organization of over 130,000 tax-paying and law-abiding highly-skilled-immigrant members who live and work in the United States who represent the interests of over 1 million people in the discriminatory green card backlog.

For the first time in decades, the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act has passed the Senate. As a condition for passage in the Senate, 100 bipartisan members of the Senate unanimously accepted language that mirrors Section 212(a)(3)(D) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and creates a bar of inadmissibility for lawful permanent residency for people who are presently affiliated (NOT people who were ever affiliated in the past) with the Chinese Communist party or the Military.

Although Immigration Voice did not ask for this provision, it is important to note that this provision is not a “Chinese Exclusion Act.” It is instead a bar of inadmissibility for green cards for people who are unwilling to un-affiliate themselves from the Chinese Communist Party or Military at the moment they are actually seeking to become immigrants to the United States and adopt American values. That is not a ban in any rational sense of the word.

By contrast, the current law is, in 100% fact, an “Indian Exclusion Act.” This is because any Indian who applies for an employment-based green card will have to wait over 150 years for a green card, meaning they are 100% likely to die before ever receiving their green card. That is an actual green card ban. What this actual Indian Exclusion Act of today means, in reality, is that, in just a few years, you will be seeing grotesque scenes where Indian nationals who are senior citizens and cannot go to work due to hospitalization will be deported from the United States in their hospital beds because they cannot meet the terms and conditions of their H-1B visa. That is the real carnage that is caused by political inaction.

Under INA Section 212(f), any President that wants to ban Chinese Communist Party members and military members from the United States can do this at any time (as President Trump has already done), and does not need this legislative language to do so. Meanwhile, at the same time, any President that does not want to implement this section can simply choose to waive this ground of inadmissibility or limit its application to people who will refuse to renounce this affiliation at the time of the green card interview, or by simply refusing to maintain a list of these members for immigration purposes (such that no one would be banned).

In the end, the opponents of this language solely seek to elevate form over substance to maintain an actual 1 million person “Indian Exclusion Act” in effect forever. They are cynically seeking to push your button by casting a completely meaningless provision as the “Chinese exclusion Act.” This type of advocacy is not just an insult to all who suffered under the actual Chinese Exclusion Act, it is also an insult to all of the Chinese nationals in the EB-5 backlog who will be helped by this bill, as well as those in the other backlogs who have visas specifically reserved for Chinese nationals in both the family and the employment categories. Those actual Chinese nationals will be greatly harmed by this bill not passing, all in service of a false political argument that seeks to appeal to “hot-button” emotions, but that helps no actual people from China avoid real-life immigration consequences.

We will not sit idly by and allow millions of real Indians, Chinese, Mexican, and Filipino nationals who will benefit under this bill to continue to suffer because our politicians will be fooled by every cynically emotional (but not practical) email they receive from groups who have no members.

However, if form is chosen over substance in this instance, we will view this as a direct intent to permanently maintain an Indian Exclusion Act in the United States, and will act accordingly in our interactions with all of our local representatives. The time has come to end our suffering and pass our bill, not to give in to every cynical attempt to block our bill from passing.

We sincerely request yours and your boss’ leadership to please quickly pass H.R.1044 to provide relief to over 1 million immigrants.

<Your Name>
<Other Information About you>


Please act IMMEDIATELY and with utmost URGENCY. We need this email to go out in LARGE numbers & for there to be a LOT of calls.

PS: Do share this to spread awareness about this issue.
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