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Call the Office of Senator Rick Scott at (202) 224-5274 using the following script:

My name is ____ and I work as a ____

If you live in Florida, say - I am one of the nearly 75,000 people stuck in the green card backlog who live in Florida.

If you don’t live in Florida, say - I am one of the 1 million people here who is stuck in a 195-year green card backlog solely because I was born in India.

All of us work hard, pay taxes, own homes, and have children in school. Senator Scott should not have blocked Senator Lee’s bill S.386, the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act. Every concern Senator Scott raised on the floor has been addressed by Senator Durbin’s compromise with Senator Lee. Because of Senator Scott’s blockade, I will die while waiting for a green card and my children will turn into illegal immigrants before the age of 21. This is all because of the country of my birth. The new Lee compromise does not harm anyone else from any other country. Under that compromise, no matter what country you are from, you can remain in the United States, change jobs, and travel abroad, if you are in the green card line.

The only thing this bill does is to say that, 11 years from now, all of us will have equality in wait time for green cards. Please tell Senator Scott to remove his death sentence for me and my family.


Send separate emails to:
  1. (Chief of Staff)
  2. (Deputy Chief of Staff)
  3. (Legislative Director)
  4. (LA immigration)
Personalize the emails with custom subject lines, and custom messages using the following ideas and material

Dear ___,

My name is ____. I am an
(INSERT PROFESSION HERE) who lives in (INSERT CITY AND STATE HERE). I am one of the 1 million people here who is stuck in a 195-year green card backlog solely because I was born in India. If I was born in any other country, I would have a green card already. But because I was born in India, I am banned from ever receiving a green card. If I am 75 years old, I cannot retire, I must continue to work every day to maintain my status. If I get sick, I will be deported and my spouse and children will be deported. When my children turn 21, they will lose lawful immigration status in the United States solely because of their immigration status.

When Senator Scott blocked Senator Lee’s fairness for high skilled immigrants act, he put a death sentence into my life in America. I will face this permanent reality of not being able to change jobs, travel to see family, start a business, invest in my patents, or see my children succeed because Senator Scott blocked this commonsense bill that simply ends discrimination. Senator Scott’s proposed amendment does not help anyone, as the speakers of all of the languages in his bill will already be allowed to stay in the country, work, change jobs, and travel abroad under Senator Durbin’s compromise with Senator Lee. The literal only thing Senator Scott is doing by blocking this bill is causing grave harm to me and my family.

It is important for you to know we have no hope now. Unless Senator Scott releases his hold, we are sentenced to a life of despair for no good reason. But a million of us in the backlog plan to spend every waking day of the rest of our lives reminding you and Senator Scott of all of the misery in our lives. When one of us dies and causes the deportation of our widows and orphans, we will let you and Senator Scott know. When our members are banned from returning to the U.S. from India, we will let you and the Senator know.

So, for now, we ask for your compassion to release your hold. But if the hold is not released, we look forward to engaging in a daily conversation with you about our suffering.



The success of Action Item #2 depends entirely on the amount of effort you put in to personalize each and every email that you send to the staff. To increase the chances of your email landing directly in their inbox, you should avoid certain keywords like “195” or “75” years or bill name or bill number or India, etc. This is so that staff cannot put in any rules to filter out your emails. If you invest time to write your messages and if you are smart with phrasing your stories daily, they won’t be able to filter out your emails, without running into the risk of also filtering out other relevant emails, which they would not want to do.

So do follow these guidelines:
  • Write SEPARATE emails to all the staff
  • Write different emails DAILY with different words to explain the issue and why Rick Scott should remove his hold
  • DO NOT send your emails in quick succession. Instead, span them out so that some automated filters will not flag it.
  • Instead of using the same email address to send out the messages, please use different email accounts on different days. Mix and match, the goal is not to let them be able to block your email, and land in their Inbox.
  • They cannot not respond to you and ignore the issues.
  • Think and reinvent ways to reach out to them and land in their Inbox every time.
Apparently, Rick Scott heard from a handful of people opposed to the bill and it seems he thinks that those handful of people are the only folks who care for this, and so he and his staff need to hear from you, so they know what this is about and that it affects over a million people and their families.

In terms of methods and tactics, each Office is different. What may work for a Congressional Office may not work for others. So there is no one size fit all here. That is why, the method we start with and pursue may sound different from the one we have followed in the past, but for the specific situation, this is as effective as you can make it to be, by putting in some effort to write your own stories and personalized messages, different custom message each day, avoiding the traps of any keywords.

We are hopeful that with your continued support we will overcome this hurdle soon.

PS: Do share this to spread awareness about this issue and follow both these action items in parallel on an ongoing basis until you hear differently from us..
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