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Important Announcement
Dear Friend,

As many of you may have heard, Representative Jason Chaffetz resigned from Congress effective 10AM EST on June 30, 2017.

Rep. Chaffetz has been a very passionate advocate for The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act. Over the years, he has persistently and tirelessly pushed his colleagues in Congress for getting the bill enacted. We are extremely grateful for Mr. Chaffetz's inspiring leadership and for leading the charge to fix a common-sense reform to legal immigration system.

Thanks to Mr. Chaffetz's leadership, the bill now has an unprecedented 230 bipartisan co-sponsors. We wish Rep. Chaffetz the very best in his future endeavors, and hope that our hundreds of thousands of members NEVER EVER forget his tireless championing of fairness for High Skilled immigrants.

On this bitter-sweet day, as we will miss one Champion of this bill, we are excited and grateful to share with you an AWESOME development about what we have been working on behind the scenes for the last few months.

We are extremely happy to share with you that Representative Kevin Yoder from the 3rd District of Kansas has decided to be the lead Sponsor and champion of bill H.R.392 - Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act.

This afternoon, the House of Representatives granted Unanimous Consent to recognize Representative Yoder as the lead Sponsor of H.R.392. This legislative process means that Representative Yoder is now effectively the sponsor of bill H.R.392. Today’s Unanimous Consent will empower the Office of Representative Yoder to add more co-sponsors to H.R.392.

We are extremely grateful to Representative Yoder and his SUPER AWESOME and helpful staff for leading HR.392 - The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017.

Please join us in welcoming our new leader and champion Representative Kevin Yoder by:
  1. Retweeting this tweet:
  2. Following the Congressman on twitter for updates:
  3. “Liking” his page on facebook:
  4. Lastly and most importantly, let us show him our support by getting some more co-sponsors to Congressman’s Yoder bill H.R.392 - Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act.
Please follow the action items above and thank you for your support as we continue to fight for a better tomorrow - for all of us.

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