Subject: An update on H4EAD Lawsuit

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Dear Friend,

Here is a copy of the brief that we recently filed in the H4-EAD lawsuit.

As you might remember, our intervention in the H4-EAD lawsuit derailed a planned settlement between the Justice Department and Save Jobs USA. Because of our intervention, the spouses of over a hundred thousand high-skilled immigrants continue to benefit from having the basic ability to work and support their families.

In spite of the few people who hurled cruel, hateful and hurtful accusations against us, we are very grateful to our community for their continued support and would like to assure the community that we will continue to lead the fight for a fairer more humane immigration system.

You saw this first hand in December 2016, when we warned our members of the sharp turns ahead and the threats to the H4-EAD program. Not coincidentally, December 2016 is also the time we started strategizing on how to save as many of our members as possible, and salvage as much of the progress we have made as possible - the results of which you are seeing with the H4-EAD lawsuit and hope you will see more of with our bill - “The Fairness For High Skilled Immigrants Act”.

Right now, more than ever, we need your support. If you have time to spare, please join us at and please consider starting a reoccurring monetary contribution at a level you are comfortable with at

Thank you for all your help!

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