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We are delighted to share with you that the Court has just accepted our motion to intervene in the H4-EAD lawsuit. This is a major development because the Court of Appeals does not typically allow a party to intervene at the appellate level and it is significant that the court granted our motion to intervene. That indicates the court has some concern (and with good reasons) that our interests will not be adequately represented by DHS/Government.

Currently, the only thing preventing tens of thousands of legal, tax-paying high-skilled immigrants, losing the basic ability to work and support their families is - Immigration Voice’s motion to intervene.

Ten days after the 2016 election, we shared with our members the news that the incoming Administration will most likely get rid of the H4-EAD regulation. In March 2017, we shared the news of our Motion to Intervene in the H4-EAD lawsuit because we felt that government and Save Jobs USA were planning to quietly settle the lawsuit – meaning get rid of the H4-EAD regulation.

Since DHS could not quietly get rid of the H4-EAD regulation as a settlement of this lawsuit (thanks to our timely motion to intervene), DHS subsequently published Notice of Intent to rescind H4-EAD regulation. There is no ambiguity about the intent of the DHS and it is crystal clear where things stand.

Today, the Court also issued an order removing the case from abeyance, thereby allowing Save Jobs USA to file a new opening brief, and directing the Clerk to set a briefing schedule. More importantly, since the court has also granted our motion to intervene, we get to file a brief in opposition to the new brief that Save Jobs USA will file under the soon to be issued briefing schedule.

Given that DHS has already declared its intent to get rid of H4-EAD program, the court’s acceptance of our motion to intervene gives us a fighting chance to make a representation on behalf of our members for whom H4-EAD is so important. And for that outcome, the intervention in the lawsuit is the only thing that is keeping H4-EAD program alive and it stands between 50,000+ families from losing their right to provide for their families.

Now that we have the ability to file a brief in opposition to the new brief that Save Jobs USA will file, we are confident we will be able to make a representation in the Court that H4-EAD is a fair, just and lawful program.

Immigration Voice continues to live up to our promise to represent high-skilled immigrants in the United States so that our members are not exploited by bad employers, unscrupulous immigration lawyers or by the anti-immigrant forces. We are committed to working together with American workers for a just a fair system which prevents exploitation of skilled immigrants’ and discrimination against US workers in the marketplace.

As always, we are grateful to our volunteers and donors who kept their faith and have not given up asking for a fairer system. It is because of the efforts of our volunteers, that the H4-EAD regulation continues to exist. It is because of our collective efforts, there is a real serious prospect of H.R.392 / S.281 - The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act - becoming law soon.

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Thank you for all your help!

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