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Hello Friend,

We are already at the end of the first quarter of the year, and it’s time to make an Inside Out Empowerment Call connection. As many of you already know, my focus this year is to inspire you to transform your overall wellness in body, mind, and spirit.  So far, within the January and February Newsletters you were challenged to "Boss Your Body" and to "Love Yourself Enough..."  Our focus for March is Movement.  Start Your Own Movement  & Track IT!  

Tonight on my broadcast line at 9 pm EST and listen in as I share how to Start Your Own Movement & 7 Easy Ways to Track Fitness Progress.  Whether your goal is to trim your tummy in any fashion, to burn fat and to build muscle mass, or to improve your overall wellness, this call is for you.  Dial 478-250-9799. NO PIN REQUIRED. 

I've invited participants from a Small Group (Present Your Body: Wellness in BMS) that I'm leading to join in and listen too. We've had five insightful weeks thus far.  I will share a brief overview on our conversations about "what are you drinking, what are you thinking, what are you taking, and what are you doing?" All of those questions directly relate to our fitness and overall wellness.

"The one thing that weight loss or muscle gain achievers have in common is that they keep track of their progress."   Now it's your turn.... 

Join me for my 1st Quarterly Empowerment Call of the year tonight at 9pm EST. Join the Live Call on Broadcast Line - (478) 250-9799. I will share a “Start Your Own Movement & 7 Easy Ways to Track Fitness Progress

Call 478-250-9799, no pin required

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1st Quarter – Thursday, March 21st – 9pm EST
2nd Quarter – Thursday, June 27th – 9pm EST
3rd Quarter – Thursday, September 26th – 9pm EST
4th Quarter – Thursday, December 19th – 9pm EST

Dial: 478-250-9799, no pin required

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