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Newsletter by the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme
27 September 2019
Issue 12
European Cooperation Day 2019!
This year we celebrated the European Cooperation Day in Birštonas at the festival of discussions 'Būtent!' ('Makes sense!'). The initiative to hold the discussion festival in Lithuania was inspired by the examples of Democracy festivals in all Scandinavian countries as well as Latvia and Estonia. The festival’s mission is to contribute to building a democratic welfare state by fostering a culture of discussion, concord and tolerance. This festival is an annual assembly of people from political, business, academic, cultural, non-governmental organisations and other sectors, where they discuss the most important topics of the development of the state, share ideas and forge new collaborations.

Read the newsletter to find out more about the celebration!
Are close neighbours better than distant relatives?
During the festival we have organised the discussion 'Are close neighbours better than distant relatives?'. We were interested to find out, how does the neighbourhood of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Russia and other countries around the Baltic Sea look today. How far have we gone in 15 years having the opportunity to use the EU funding for joint cross-border initiatives? Are we using this funding efficiently to create sustainable and long-term relations between people, societies, organisations, businesses? Or have we created new borders of various kinds? How can we escape them so that they don't affect relations between neighbours?

We have invited prominent Lithuanians, living in neighbouring countries as well as notable figures of cross-border relations to search for answers to these questions during the discussion festival!
You can watch the discussion on the LRT website (in Lithuanian).
Have you taken a photo using our photo booth?
The photo booth was among our most popular activities during the festival! Everyone could take a photo of himself or herself, which was a lot of fun and captured a lot of bright memories. Visit our special photo booth gallery here.
What is Europe?
To answer this question we have created a special installation. Inside we have put a huge mirror, which said 'Europe is you!' Because it is!
Europe is you!
As the slogan of the European Cooperation Day this year is 'Europe is you', all pictures made instantly were travelling to the screen to form the EU flag! Everyone could find himself or herself in the mosaic. Because Europe is you!
Happy European Cooperation Day!
Our team with Mrs. Rita Tamašunienė, the Minister of the Interior of Lithuania.
Photo and video gallery

Find more pictures and information on our Facebook and Website. Also check Photo booth pictures, Discussion record and Short video!
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