Subject: awesome opportunity for Catholic families

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If you have not had an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ through an event, by all means, take the step and do it! With an open, eager, humble heart! Receive all God desires for you!

However, for the many of us who have had such encounters, we've been challenged by the questions: Are we any different? Are we living it out? Are we praying daily? Are we making our homes places of ever-deepening encounter with Jesus Christ? Would our spouse and children agree?

If we're ready to give up another weekend,
a day, or even a few hours for another faith event, we're challenged to ask ourselves: When's the last time we spent even 45 minutes of meaningful conversation and prayer in our homes with our families? Which is more important? Because if we are not doing it in our homes, we are merely forming our families to equate "faith" with "abandonment."

If we're going to another event without a fundamental commitment in our own homes, we're robbing from our families. Perhaps we're reducing God to a kind of spiritual amusement park: We get on the "ride." Go up and down and around. Only to return right back where we started.

We desire more. What does that involve? 

Beginning the week of February 23, we invite you to seven weeks of "putting your flag in the sand": Commit your family to 45 minutes a week of meaningful talking and praying in your home. We make it fun and easy using our free, Live IT Gathering Guide.

We don't promise it will be easy. This is going to require overcoming awkwardness, fears, misplaced priorities, and laziness. But we do promise it will be worth it!

While many of us come from religious homes, too few of us come from
relational homes... places of ever-deepening encounter with Jesus Christ. Not simply in check-box ways and moments, but as a way of life. 

Those of us who have done this give resounding testimony to what God has done... in our own souls, marriages and families. We've been given great hope that those entrusted to us will one day do this with those entrusted to them. We've been united with wonderful people on the journey. 

This is the legacy we're about. This is what matters. We warmly invite you to join us. Let's do this together. (CLICK BELOW)

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