Subject: YOU'RE INVITED... to open someone's door to Sainthood.

Open the door to a four week journey
into the heart of Christmas.


We all have friends and family away from the Church. God has been working on them. As you read these words, they are becoming attuned to the "magic" of Christmas. This is our opportunity to introduce them to Him. Please join us in opening wide the doors of faith... a life-changing, great adventure over the next two months. 

Presence for Christmas is a four week journey into the heart of Christmas. Last year hundreds participated. This year it begins Monday, December 1, at St. Joan of Arc Parish with IGNITE Catholic Community Night. Fr. Mark Davis has an incredible gift of communicating the Gospel to this culture... inviting us all to more fully know, love and live for Jesus Christ. The first IGNITE Presence for Christmas follows in the church.

Begin by registering right now (click below). Join us in praying about whom you might be called to invite. It will be a life changer. 

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