Subject: Up for an Adventure? A life-changer this week...

“Our hope is not in a program or philosophy but in the person of Jesus Christ, who comforts those who are burdened.” (MORE)

IGNITE New Evangelization Banquet | Sept. 4 | Peter Herbeck GO HERE
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How would you like to see your gifts multiplied 1000-fold? This coming Sunday we're given the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fish. Jesus invites you to consider: (1) What are your God-given gifts? (2) Do you avail them to Him? These are the basis for multiplication. 

Go NOW and view our fun family interview of Joseph Goodwin, a joy-filled, young man of God who shares his own encounter with the Giver who led him from dating to seminary (Archdiocese of Denver).

What about You? Are you up for a challenge?

Time is a gift from the Giver. What we schedule reveals what's most important to us. What does your schedule reveal about what's important to you? How are you investing it? Is it multiplying?

Declare your family for God. Schedule just 30 minutes. Go right now to and download the Living IT Gathering Guide-- a great way for families to talk and pray based upon subsequent Sunday Readings.

We exist to Make Love Known. Image the Trinity. Live IT. 
Ignite the fire.                 
Last week a few hundred came together for our 26th IGNITE in just over a year, spanning seven regions. That represents over 5,000 encounters with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and Confession, and numerous conversion stories. 

Go LISTEN NOW to this 25 minute presentation which underscores this movement-- God inviting us to participate in the Ultimate Drama of our identity and mission in Him. 

MassImpact.US - God's heart to engage the masses through the great adventure of the Holy Mass depends upon us.

Join us for our
IGNITE New Evangelization Banquet

Featuring Peter Herbeck | Renewal Ministries
September 4, 2014 | 5pm | St. Joan of Arc (INFO and REGISTRATION HERE)

Mass Impact is an outreach of Image Trinity. We Image the Trinity. We are engaging families in the great adventure of their identity and mission:
Make Love Known.

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NEW EVANGELIZATION BANQUET - 9.4.2014 (featuring Peter Herbeck)
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