Subject: Tithing is an important part of the call.

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

This Sunday the Apostles don't get it. Jesus just shared that He would suffer and die. They discuss who is the greatest. At heart is authentic faith. By way of the Cross. 
We're called to follow. It's not easy. It means everything. He is the way. And right now He's challenging us, and our world needs the witness:

Do we live what we profess?

Here's a small test: 100% of what you have belongs to God. Do you really believe that? Does your life reveal that? Look at your W-2. Are you minimally tithing 10%? For the math challenged among us, if you make $40,000, you need to be tithing $4,000 ($333/month). If you make $100,000, you need to be tithing $10,000 ($833/month).

Jesus did care about money. (link)
- Sixteen of His thirty-eight parables had to do with money. 
- In the Gospel one out of ten verses deal directly with money. 
- While there are 500 verses on prayer, more than 2,000 verses are on money and possessions.

What we do with our money reveals what we worship. Accordingly, tithing is a quality of a disciple of Jesus Christ. A Kingdom builder. God blesses us for this purpose only: To be His blessers.

By all means, be part of a parish community that is evidently committed to holiness and building the Kingdom, worthy of your donation (Jesus says that we need to do more than mindlessly throw money; we are called to be good stewards!). A good number of respectable pastors suggest giving as much as 7% there, with the balance going to other organizations.

So, if you're looking for a Catholic organization led by sacrificial, hardworking, faith-filled disciples of Jesus Christ, passionate about personal, marriage and family revival, seeing it happen in impactful ways, please consider helping us at Image Trinity / Mass Impact.

We want to build the Kingdom here. Please consider becoming a Kingdom Builder. When you click on the credit card icon you can set it up to contribute monthly automatically.


Veni Sancte Spiritus.

Greg Schlueter
Executive Director,
Image Trinity | Mass Impact

Pray four times daily, one for: (1) Self, (2) Family, (3) Parish, (4) World.

"O Most Holy Spirit, come and IGNITE the Great Fire of Your Love!
Set it ABLAZE in our minds and hearts!"

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