Subject: TONIGHT! Special 250th Episode

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PLEASE JOIN US TONIGHT, April 21, 8PM, for the premiere of a special 250th Episode of IGNITE Radio LIVE. We're showcasing 13 impactful stories. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be encouraged. You can hear it on Annunciation Radio or listen/watch via YouTube Premiere with some corresponding video montages. 

We're a resurrection people.
We're not afraid of the storm.
We're going into it. Come with us.

PARENTAL POW-WOW LIVE! Five consecutive evenings of faith-filled fun featuring new memes, priests, marriage stories, live music, doctor advice and more... reaching over 15,000. (GO)
MY NEIGHBORGOOD We created this simple capacity to connect those in need with those who can give. It's been featured by a special task force for the Governor in Ohio. If you have particular needs, please contact us by reply to this email. (GO
MEN, WIVES & FAMILIES Jesus presses us: Are we disciples? What does that look like outside of special seasons, events or programs? Are you interested in a plan, resources and support in living it? (GO
BLESSED BLESSERS We are motivated by the simple truth of discipleship: We've been blessed to be blessers. During this crisis we are impacting marriages and families like never before. If you've been blessed, please consider partnering with us. Thank you. (GO)

"The future of humanity passes by way of the family."
~ Pope St. John Paul II

We are families seeking to make our homes places of ever-deepening encounter with Jesus Christ.

7433 Fox Lane, Holland, OH 43528, United States
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