Subject: Live IT this Week: Streams of Living Water

"The water I shall give will become in him
a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

Dear Friends--

Which of us do not yearn for a spring of living water within us, welling up to eternal life?

I do. We're blessed through our many events to go deeper into this image: God desires to be a Niagara Falls of grace flooding our souls. He's always pressing in with His transforming love.

The big issue: We've got debris in the way. We need to apologize. We need to forgive. In the Name of Jesus Christ, we need to renounce the vile whispers of the Enemy.

This week we're joining the Samaritan woman at the well. We're recognizing our conflicted affections (she had five husbands). Perhaps like her we're in disbelief that Jesus would come to us! Much less address us!

But this is Jesus. This is what He does.

Jesus sees our sin. Our brokenness. Our compromised affections. But so much more, He sees through to our core. He uses the occasion of an ordinary well with ordinary water to address our extraordinary thirst.

So consider: Are you thirsty for God? Do you desire streams of living water in more than fleeting programs? More than at fleeting times in fleeting locations? Do you yearn to know His Niagara Falls of grace constantly flooding you, in your marriage, family and parish overflowing to the world?

This is His greatest desire. (See this week's Live IT video on the subject -- very cute and inspiring!) (GO)

It's good to share common destinations that move us forward. So with us, look
forward to our Praying with Fire Conference on Pentecost Sunday (June 4th). Let's take steps together. In this Lenten season let's be emptied of our debris, so we can be filled with Him at Easter, so much that it overflows... not just as another program, but a way of life.

This week put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ.
Receive the gift of God more fully alive in your relationships. Receive the living water. Dedicate just 45 minutes to talking and praying with your family. Make it sacred. Discover the difference it will make. (GO)  Get the APP (GO)

Above all, know how truly and deeply, God loves you!

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter

THIS WEEK put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ:

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