Subject: Live IT: Doctor Strange and Emmaus?

Luke 24:13-35

Doctor Strange and Emmaus

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Over 23 million Americans shelled out the bucks and spent a couple hours to spectate "Doctor Strange." That's more than the number of Catholics who participate in Mass for free, for but an hour, on any given Sunday (16 million / 22%).

Here's what's interesting. Both of these are about a reality beyond flesh and blood. A mystical realm. Requiring belief beyond experience. Showcasing virtue of selfless sacrifice.

With one we're on the sidelines. A mere spectator. The other, we're in it. It's literally happening. For real. 

Yes, I'm talking about Holy Mass. The source and summit of our human existence. God calls us not to be merely spectators, but to step into it as participants in an ultimate drama.

That's our theme in this week's short Live IT Episode.

The ultimate drama is happening. Don't spectate. Don't let business rob you of blessedness. Discover what God can do in your marriage and family. Plan a LIT Gathering in your home or group this week. JUST DO IT

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Above all, know how truly and deeply, 
God loves you!

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter

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