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Most of us pray the Our Father at least once daily. Here are the big questions: Would Jesus ask us to pray something without providing for its fulfillment? When we pray the Our Father, are we availing to being instruments of His Answer?

We've been partnering with Fr. John Riccardo in Rescue Project: Home Edition ( Our God has rescued us so that we might become His rescuers. Too many of us miss the second part. As we enter into the holiest week of the year, on center stage is not simply Jesus Christ's transforming, redeeming, restoring love purchased on a Cross; what's on center stage is our response.

Specifically, what do our social media, emails and conversations reveal about what matters most to us? How many are we intentionally mentoring deeper into relationship with Jesus Christ? How many have come into the Church as a direct result of our engagement? How will "Thy Kingdom come" if we're not about this?

God rescued us so we might become His rescuers. At the heart is our awareness. Lord Jesus Christ, may we more fully awaken to your rescue of our lives!

In this week's impactful IGNITE RADIO LIVE we mark our journey deeper into Holy Week with an extraordinary episode, introducing my first book ("The Magnificent Piglets of Pigletsville" a "#1 New Release" on Amazon), followed by uber-impactful talks from Fr. John Riccardo and Fr. John Valencheck (St. Sebastian, Akron), consequential considerations in The Loop, and premiere of Seph Schlueter's "Running Back to You." 

Join us in the conversation. We are very interested in your candid thoughts, questions, disagreements and considerations. Please share with us at


Mission 2024: Heaven Come to Earth. It's our prayer and pursuit.
Some of the consequential news we discuss in IGNITE Radio Live this week:  
  1. Pope: Homosexuals should be allowed to ‘live the gift of love’
  2. Leading smut corporation shuts off website in Texas
  3. Gallup: Nearly 30% of Gen-Z women now ‘LGBTQ+’
  4. Media hoax paints Trump as calling for insurrection
  5. Poll: Teens feel ‘peaceful,’ ‘happy’ without phones
  6. Pro-lifers slam Kellyanne Conway
  7. Over 60% of abortions are by pills now
A vital partnership with Father John Riccardo's Rescue Project: Home Edition amplifies our commitment to bringing the Father's Heart into homes. This collaboration serves as a beacon of hope, offering refuge, healing, and renewal to those seeking a deeper connection with their faith. (

At the core of our mission is the Live IT Gathering Guide, a weekly commitment for families to grow together. United with other families on the same journey, we form a robust network of support, fortifying each other in our collective mission to build the Kingdom of God. (

Announcing! release of my first book and ebook, "The Magnificent Piglets of Pigletsville" (Our Present-Day Plight Wrapped in a Fairytale). In the depths, beyond the shallows of politics, is our deepest aspiration for belonging and becoming, which takes place on a battlefield. ORDER See the book-movie trailer at

Holy Week is here. Please take time with this SOUL EXAM. It is such a great tool to review in depth the many ways we choose to be separate from God. It's all about clearing out the junk so we can receive His Divine blood and water pouring into and through us. Meanwhile...  

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Right now we are in particular need and would be so grateful for your ⁠⁠Partnership⁠⁠.

Please be assured of our prayers. Holy Spirit, come!

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