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Love Where It Matters Most

Our movement is not just a proclamation but an active force engaging with the challenges of our time. Opening our homes to individuals and families, we invite them on a transformative journey of growing in faith and building saint-making cultures.

Under the banner of Mission 2024: Heaven Come to Earth, our radio program undergoes a transformation. We begin with family stories, followed by discussions on current consequential news from "The Loop" (, and conclude by engaging Sunday's Gospel. We're about living out our faith in the complexities of the world.

Some of the consequential news we address in this week's episode of IGNITE Radio Live: 
1. House Moves to Free Up Funding for Pregnancy Centers
2. Powerful: LGBTQ Ministry and the Hard Truth
3. Pope Francis: 'I Like to Think of Hell as Being Empty'
4. Expert Weighs in on the Evil of Surrogacy
5. Trump and Primary Status
6. Britney Spears’ Cry for Pro-Life Help

A vital partnership with Father John Riccardo's Rescue Project: Home Edition amplifies our commitment to bringing the Father's Heart into homes. This collaboration serves as a beacon of hope, offering refuge, healing, and renewal to those seeking a deeper connection with their faith. (

At the core of our mission is the Live IT Gathering Guide, a weekly commitment for families to grow together. United with other families on the same journey, we form a robust network of support, fortifying each other in our collective mission to build the Kingdom of God. (

Join us on this journey of faith, where engagement goes beyond words to become a commitment to live out the Gospel. Together, we embody the transformative presence of Heaven on Earth, navigating the challenges of our time with conviction, compassion, and an unwavering dedication to building a vibrant and faith-filled community.

We are uniting families in building the Kingdom.
Right now we are in particular need, and would be so grateful for your prayers, engagement, and ⁠⁠Partnership⁠⁠.

Holy Spirit, come!

Greg Schlueter
Mass Impact | Image Trinity | (814) 449-8808

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