Subject: Justice Kennedy and need for our response right now.

CNBC put it this way:

"Justice Anthony Kennedy, a crucial swing vote on the Supreme Court, announced Wednesday he's retiring at the end of July, giving President Donald Trump another chance to fundamentally reshape the highest court in the land.

"His departure could have massive effects on U.S. policy, particularly on abortion rights and gay rights nationwide. His announcement immediately raised questions about how long the court would stand by its earlier abortion rulings, including Roe v. Wade." (

Three thoughts.
1) Pray: For selection of a judge who judges rightly.

2) Recognize: If hearts don’t change, regardless of law, our culture will remain in crisis.

3) Live: Now is the time. We all need to more fully proclaim and live our mission as families.

We pray this is not dismissed as “another” merely human initiative. God’s greatest proclamation is the family. The world is starving to encounter God alive. As families, we exist to make God, Who is love, known. As married couples, while we have our own challenges, we desire to more fully “lean into it.”

We earnestly invite you to recognize what’s at stake for our families and our nation right now. We invite you to please join us in His proclamation and seek to help others live it.

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