Subject: Guardians of the Galaxy [Enter the Ultimate Drama...]

“But who do YOU say that I am?” Matt 16:13-20 (MORE)

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Guardians of the Galaxy...

If you have children between the ages of 8 and 16, it's likely you know about "Guardians of the Galaxy" - the latest blockbuster, superhero film. In spite of our Toledo water challenges, we Schlueters haven't felt our "galaxy" threatened enough yet to seek hope in (among others) a super-powered raccoon. (Ok, I know that's a bit snarky. We'll likely wait for the DVD. If nothing else it's "parental leverage"-- ensuring rooms picked up for a week without prompting.)

Moving right along.

I'm always struck at how these mainstream events draw the masses, contrasted by the ever-diminishing numbers being drawn to the Mass. Each engages us in the ultimate drama of life, struggle (death), from which emerges new life (Resurrection). The key difference, of course, is that with the movie we merely spectate the drama. We remain on the sidelines. With Holy Mass we're given the opportunity to participate in the ultimate "life, death and resurrection" drama of our lives.

Catholicism is the full, true portrait of our humanity, evident in our lived experience. It is universal. No other religion understands human brokenness as God's means to impel us to Himself, Whom alone is whole (holy). What other religion offers us unspeakable intimacy of becoming One with God, and all others in Him... and makes this accessible in receiving Him-- Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity?

For a world starved for intimacy, Jesus Christ alive in His Church is the Answer. Our awareness of this is our motivation. It is our reason for existence. The measure of our success on this earth. Rightly aware of their brokenness, as a participation in Him-- the masses will be drawn to Mass. To complete our metaphor, they will be drawn to The Guardian of the Galaxy.

Here are some practical ways you and your family can more fully discover your identity in Christ-- to participate in the Ultimate Drama:

1) Commit just 30 minutes to talking and praying as a family this week.
Download the Living IT Gathering Guide. View the LIT Video (pretty funny).  

2) Join us for our IGNITE New Evangelization Banquet on September 4.

3) Contribute. Help us reach the masses in the the ultimate drama of Holy Mass. Your monthly pledge right now is needed. If you're a Catholic business owner, contact us about high-impact reach - partnering with our upcoming weekly program, IGNITE Radio [Prime Time Tuesday Night].

Holding you and your family close in prayer. Please keep us in yours.

Look around. 

We're a world in need of salvation. Each of us are uniquely called, equipped and needed to take our place in the New Evangelization.  

Please join us in the first ever IGNITE New Evangelization Banquet Thursday, Sept. 4, featuring Peter Herbeck (Crossing the Goal) and other area pastors and leaders.

You will be deeply moved by God's invitation for you to take your place in the New Evangelization-- as a uniquely gifted member of this mission-purposed, Catholic community of believers. 

Peter will invite us to consider our God-given purpose and power at this critical moment in history... and set the stage for the Lift Jesus Higher Rally in November. Make the time. Join us.  
Thursday, 9.4.2014 | 5pm
St. Joan of Arc, Toledo 

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Denice M. Hinojosa | Life in Death (6:36) LINK

Denice was 13 when her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was the occasion for her to encounter the living God. Listen to her short, moving story. The God of miracles is not a record of distant past, but alive and present. Listen now. Share it. God is in every story. Discover Him in yours.


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