Subject: From "March Madness" to Easter Exaltation...


We Schlueters love March Madness. The Big Dance. Think about it. Of 347 basketball teams, after hours of grueling preparation, only one team will go the distance. Only one team will go down in history. All others will be forgotten.

Along with millions of others, we Schlueters are annually captivated by the drama. And even though last night pronounced me the victor, with the right to indiscriminately trash talk (did I mention, two out of three years?), I really didn't. Because none of us had anything remotely to do with the victory of any team. Moreover, each of us relied upon a wisdom greater than our own.

Any victory any of us might have accomplished was by association

Do you get where I'm going?

In life, we want to win. We want peace over discord, wholeness over splinters, intimacy over isolation. We desire victory. Yet, like March Madness, we have little ultimate power over it. And yet we have great power in the choosing, and the irrevocably following. Beyond periodic religious observance, in our heart of hearts, faced with every travail, whom or what are we choosing to be our victor? 

With each travail we're vulnerable to a multitude of "experts" whispering to us, beckoning us to be associated with them. And yet among the gazillions of self-proclaimed prophets and sages, only one is proven through ages past to be the Victor. The Answer.

That answer is Jesus Christ. In Him alone our life-bracket will never be busted. He alone is victorious. In Him alone will we find victory.     

The heart of it all.

Contrary to so many who want to downplay sin, it is precisely awareness of our sin that impels us, step by step, towards salvation. This is why the Church exists. In Jesus Christ alone we move through the "March Madness's" of our lives into Easter Exaltation. Buried in a death like His we are found in His life. In Jesus Christ alone we are broken out of unholy isolation into a holy community. That alone makes sense of Holy Communion.  

If this beckons your heart.... 

If you're like us, with your spouse, family and community... seeking greater victory, we're given this powerful testimony throughout history: It only comes by way of 
faith-filled contexts for regular prayer, encouragement and growth.

We invite you right now to make the commitment. Here are three things you can do to live in the Victor in your Life Bracket:

(1) LIT GROUP SEASON 2 begins the week of April 8, seven weeks of talking and praying leading up to our Praying With Fire Conference. GO:

(2) BRING IT! JOIN US for wonderful opportunities for beverages and belief at the Firepit Grille. The high school and college edition is this Thursday, April 5, 7p. The adult edition is Thursday, April 19, 7p. It's filling up quickly, so please register for FREE now:

(3) PRAYING WITH FIRE CONFERENCE is on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, from 1:30-6:30pm at St. Joan of Arc (Toledo). One simple question: Do you desire all God desires for you? 

With accolades from bishops, priests and lay throughout the country-- Bart Schuchts is touching thousands with his amazing story and invitation to receive all God desires for us. This is going to be an amazing, one-day conference. Find out more and get the limited-time discount at (Discount code: "FIRE10").  

Our God fashioned us for His very Presence.
He is the only supply of our deepest needs.

This is what Jesus does. This is what He wants to do for us.


Jesus came out of the desert in the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4). This is what He desires of us. Is it happening?

View this week's inspiring Live IT Episode... the true story of how God worked a miracle through an ordinary teenager. The take away? In spite of our doubts, fears and sinfulness, He wants to do the same with us. 
GO If you desire all that God desires for you, please register now for our Praying with Fire Conference. GO

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