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The Big Question
What hope have your children in making their homes places of ever-deepening encounter with Jesus Christ in the future... if you're not forming them for the same in your home now?

Of the past 168 hours of life God blessed you with, how much did you devote to substantially talking and praying in your home? How much did you spend on digital devices?

What we do reveals what and who we worship.

Do the things family members do or say proclaim a disciplined, intentional, authentic, joy-filled love of Jesus Christ in all they do?

Is there any greater mission we have as parents? Any greater measure of our success?

The Enemy invites us and our families to join him through doors labeled:
"It's no big deal."
Or "We are good enough."
Or "We pray and go to mass."
Or "At least we're not doing what they're doing."
Or "It's someone else's business."
Or "I don't have the time."
Or "I'm too awkward and afraid."

Heaven is not populated with fans.
It's populated with followers.

This is how the Kingdom will come.

Grace is being outpoured. Receive it.

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