Subject: Amazing Stories. Amazing Year.


We want to share with you our thoughts on this moment in history. How we're responding. And some moving multimedia stories including Ericksons, Cronins, Grodis, Hunyors, Noltners, Joe Orth, Reeds, Andrew Reinhart and others! 

And we humbly seek your HELP. To keep the movement moving.

Christmas Greetings in Christ Jesus!

As we approach Christmas, we're taking a moment to share our hearts. The greatest challenge you and I face is not simply the violence and poverty in distant lands. It's evidenced in the vacant eyes of too many we pass. Too many in our businesses and schools. Too many under our own roofs.

Here's the hard truth: We are a culture increasingly defined by pixelated prisons instead of personal presence. Yearning to be set free. 

We know the Answer. Emmanuel! God is with us. 

Yes. And yet an important
 twist. As we approach the newborn Savior with awe and wonder, so the Angels approach us. Their awe and wonder is: This is the Body of Christ! Appointed and anointed to build the Kingdom! Will they?

Our response to this question will define how we'll be viewed in history, but even more importantly, by the heavenlies:  

When we pray the Lord's Prayer, are we availing ourselves to being His Answer?

This consideration is what inspires and unites all of us involved with Mass Impact. Who are we? We are ordinary Catholic families like you, seeking to Live IT. Seeking to engage others in doing the same.

We share a vision of our children as adults one day making their homes cultures of ever-deepening encounter of Jesus Christ. And for this to happen, we know we need to form them for it in our homes today.

Mass Impact exists to Proclaim IT.
We create contexts where people Encounter IT.
And we journey with families striving to Live IT.  

As we approach our Fifth Anniversary (February 1, 2019), we want to share with you how this has been happening. And we humbly ask that you please consider helping us. 

In the past five years, thousands of individuals, marriages, and families have been impacted. Over 500,000 have viewed our film-media alone. Some parishes show these on a weekly basis. A number of national Catholic leaders integrate them in their outreaches. Go view hundreds of inspiring videos and read comments (GO).

Those involved made this possible. Help us keep the movement moving!

Our weekly IGNITE Radio Live featured moving stories of local couples stiving to Live IT, including the Ericksons, Cronins, Grodis, Hunyors, Noltners and Reeds (GO).

We were also blessed by national friends as guests, including Justin Fatica, Peter Herbeck, Eric Sammons, Dr. Bob Schuchts, Theresa Schmitz, Ben Walther and others. So many listeners have expressed how their lives are being touched, if not transformed.

Those involved made this possible. Help us keep the movement moving!

While thousands participated in our regular IGNITE’s and other endeavors, at the heart of programs we are about the most difficult challenge of helping people Live IT in their homes. In an ongoing way. As a way of life. We do this by offering weekly Live IT Gathering Guides for families and groups, based upon subsequent Sunday readings. (GO)

In the past year, hundreds engaged in weekly Live IT Gatherings. Some entire parishes have integrated this in an ongoing way. Based upon common indicators, we estimate a 35% increase over 2017!

Of course, God doesn’t see a crowd. He sees individual souls, each fashioned for His indwelling Spirit. At Presence for Christmas Joe Orth shared how God’s grace broke through. Rich Cronin shared the powerful story of fighting the inner battle of terminal cancer. Andrew Reinhart shared how shedding 155 pounds was an occasion to consider the heart of our wounds and how they might be healed. Please take just 10 minutes and listen. (GO)

Those involved made this possible. Help us keep the movement moving! 

This is a movement and we want to keep on moving. We humbly ask that you please help us pave the way for even greater outreach in 2019. Whether by your monthly benefaction and/or periodic major gift(s), those we desire to reach depends upon your support. DONATE HERE

We pray for you and your family always-- in particular, that you know the great joy of Emmanuel, “God with Us”!

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
+ Mass Impact Team

We are families engaging other families in striving to Live IT.
Not another program. A way of life in Jesus Christ.
7433 Fox Lane, Holland, OH 43528, United States
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